What Are the Advantages of Living Off-Campus as a Grad Student?

With burdens such as a heavy work-load, the pressure to figure out your life, and a limited budget, being a graduate student can be extremely difficult, which is why the last thing grad students should have to worry about is finding safe and affordable housing. Keep reading to discover some of the biggest advantages of having off campus housing as a grad student.

1. Lower Living Costs

Housing options for college students can seem limited, especially considering financial limitations., along with other experts in finance, suggests that your monthly post-tax income should be used on no more than 30% of your monthly rent and utilities. This may seem like a difficult task, but luckily, finding apartments near college can help you come closer to this guideline, as many off campus housing options are significantly cheaper than university-based options. Aside from the costs of housing alone, many universities also make students living on campus buy a meal plan, which can add thousands of dollars to your budget. Living in one of the many apartments near college can help you save money on things like food and rent.

2. Greater Independence as an Adult

Another big benefit of living off-campus is the ability to become more independent, responsible, and mature. After all, as an undergrad, you already lived the college life. Graduate school is about going off on your own as an adult and adding to your educational experience. Off campus apartments near college can be a great way to transition from living in a dorm on campus to living in real post-university housing.

3. Meet Your Preferences

Lastly, a notable benefit of off-campus housing as a graduate student is the ability to customize your search to find an apartment that matches your preferences. Whether you value having space, living with friends, or having your own bathroom, there are apartments near college that can meet your needs. Unlike university housing, you usually have more control and can choose things like who to room with or where you want to stay. You may even be able to decide whether or not you want your apartment to be lively and surrounded by fellow students or more relaxed and peaceful. Having a living place that caters to your preferences can make a huge difference, especially depending on how strong of preferences you have.

Choosing a place to live can be an important decision, especially as a graduate student. Make sure to do your research and take all of your needs into consideration before making a decision, as you will spend a significant amount of time at your apartment and will want it to be comfortable and preferable. Off-campus apartments near college are often the best budget-saving, independence-inducing, and personalized option. Happy apartment hunting!

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