Off-campus student rentals are very popular. In 2016 it was reported that 87% of students did not live on campus they opted for off campus housing options. Why are students choosing to live off-campus in student rentals instead of on campus?

There are different reasons students choose off-campus apartments instead of living on campus. Off-campus housing may be the ideal option for you. Learning more about student rentals and the benefits it has to offer can help you make the right choices for your living arrangements.

Why Do Students Prefer Off-Campus Housing?

Student rentals are popular for a wide range of reasons. Here are some of the top benefits that students cite for why they recommend it:

  • You get more bang for your buck! Dorm living is not quite as affordable as one would think. It can be expensive. It can cost less to live off-campus and you get far more space.
  • Enjoying some private time. It can be nearly impossible to be alone in the dorms. Showering and eating are often communal activities. It can be stressful always having to be around other people.
  • Less rules to contend with. Dorm life is full of rules. Off-campus apartments have some rules but largely what you do in your apartment is your business.
  • Freedom to cook what you want. You will not have to live on-campus food and take out if you have your own apartment. You can keep food in your refrigerator and cook what you want when you want.
  • Many off-campus student rentals will allow pets! That is a big one for a lot of people that are pet owners and cannot bear to live apart from their pets.
  • Really adulting. Moving from home to on-campus housing is not taking on the responsibilities of being an adult. Moving from home into your apartment now that is adulting!
  • Amenities are also a big draw for students that are considering student rentals off campus.

Off-campus housing University of Delaware can provide you with a litany of benefits that can be hard if not impossible to find in on-campus housing situations. For many students, there is simply no better way to live than to secure a student rental off-campus.

Follow This One Tip To Find Great Housing

There is one thing to keep in mind when you are making your decision. Student rentals are very popular so you do want to get your application in quick. They are such hot commodities they get rented out fast!

off campus apartmentsFor college students getting ready to rent their first off campus apartment, it can be tricky to navigate the apartment rental waters. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, there are many factors you want to be aware of when renting.

Unfortunately, students who are looking for off campus apartments for the first time are prone to making some mistakes that can cost them later down the road. Here are some of the most common off campus apartment renting mistakes college students make and how you can avoid making them yourself.

  1. Looking at apartments without knowing your price range. It’s important that you’re looking for off campus apartments that are within your budget. To determine the highest point of your budget, take your pre-tax income and divide it by 40. This will be the monthly rent you can afford. However, be sure to take any additional costs into account such as gas money, textbook costs, and pet expenses.
  2. Not having enough money saved for moving in. Moving into an off campus apartment is the same as moving into any other apartment. You need to have enough money saved for a down payment on the apartment and first month’s rent when you move in. The apartment’s down payment will typically be the same amount as one month’s rent.
  3. Looking for a roommate at the last minute. If you know you’re going to need a roommate when you move into your off campus apartment, don’t wait until the last minute to find one. You’ll want to give yourself time to advertise the fact that you’re looking for a roommate, receive applications to room with you, sort through the applicants, meet with your new roommate, and look for a rental unit together. If you wait until you’ve already rented the apartment to find a roommate, you can end up paying the unit’s full rent yourself until you’re able to find someone to live with.

Looking for off campus apartments?

If you’re looking for student housing or a space for lease, you’re not alone. In fact, a new unit is rented every 80 seconds in the U.S. and every 30 seconds a new renter moves their belongings into an apartment.

Whether you’re looking for student rental units, pet friendly apartments, or other housing options, Lang Development Group has what you need. For more information about our residential real estate properties and rental units for students, contact Lang Development Group today.

apartments for rentAs of 2017, 11 million Americans called their apartments home. It’s a convenient living situation that offers many benefits. Of course, for college students, apartments are often the only practical living option. And for local students here in Newark, DE, finding the best student apartments for rent near the University of Delaware can be a challenge.

For most college students making the transition from living at home to being on their own is an important rite of passage. That means taking the time to find one of the many apartments for rent near campus — not to mention finding roommates.

If you’re a University of Delaware student looking for apartments for rent near campus, then we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite apartment complexes. Keep reading to find some of the best student apartments near you.

132 E. Delaware


  • This brick apartment complex is within walking distance to campus, so you’ll be able to walk to classes if you’d like
  • Washer/Dryers located in units
  • Select units have private balconies
  • On-site, covered parking for tenants
  • Lots of natural light
  • Large, 1,200 square foot apartments for rent accommodate up to five roommates


The Apartments at 132 E. Delaware make it easy for you to maintain your class schedule. With a prime location, this is a great option for students looking for apartments for rent near the University of Delaware.

2. Main Street Plaza


  • Up to six tenants per unit
  • Shopping and restaurants within walking distance
  • Washer/Dryers in units
  • Units range from 1,000 to 1,400 square feet


This attractive apartment complex is located in a handsome brick building near campus, near the intersection of East Main Street and Haines. Students can walk to class, nearby restaurants, and shopping centers.

The Lofts At the Mill


  • Located near the University of Delaware and the Newark Shopping Center
  • Granite Countertops and stainless steel appliances
  • Unique loft spaces
  • On-site parking for tenants


The Lofts At The Mill are located in a prime location, just north of the Newark Shopping Center. Located in a former industrial complex, these unique loft spaces are perfect for students looking for modern apartments for rent. With only a handful of open units, act fast if you are interested in renting these spaces.

Newark Bank Building


  • Washer/Dryer in units
  • Apartments for rent in an attractive brick building
  • Exposed brick walls in large, 1,500 square foot apartments
  • Accommodates up to 6 tenants per unit
  • Prime location on East Main Street near shopping, restaurants, and bars


If you’re looking for modern student apartments for rent near the University of Delaware, then you can’t do better than the Newark Bank Building. Located at 102 East Main Street, these apartments are in a great location north of campus. Units can accommodate between four and six roommates at a time.


These are just a few of the student apartments for rent near the University of Delaware. If you’re looking for newly renovated apartments that allow you to easily walk or commute to campus, then any of these options will suit your needs perfectly. If you’re looking for more apartments for rent in Newark DE, then take a minute to view available units.

new apartmentApproximately 33% of renters move every year; this behavior is especially common among college students, most of whom live in off campus apartments. When you’re constantly packing up and relocating, turning that simple student rental unit into a home can be quite difficult. Whether you’re moving into student housing or a brand-spankin’ new apartment across the city, you’re going to want to make that space your own; here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Pictures, pictures, and more pictures: Home is defined by personalization. The best way you can bring some life to your home is to bring your life into your home; hang or post as many pictures as you want of your family, friends, or pets to make you feel comforted on those lonely days. In fact, it’s a good idea to fill up your walls entirely with things that you love. From posters to tapestries, the place will begin to feel warmer and more inviting almost immediately.
  • Create a cozy spot: College students spend a great amount of time studying. Rather than sequestering yourself away in a dark corner of your campus library, or sitting at your uncomfortable kitchen table, you can create a cozy nook specifically dedicated to academics; whether you decide to pick up your textbook or your favorite novel, you’ll find yourself feeling more at home by the minute.
  • Add plants: Indoor plants have been proven to improve mood. Not only do they provide an inexpensive way to decorate your space, but they can act as companions for those moments when you just need to think out loud. Find the varieties that are hard to kill (such as succulents) and you’ll be feeling calm in no time.
  • Accessorize your bed: For most people (college students especially), their bed is their favorite place. Since home is almost entirely about comfort — as your cozy spot has proven — your bed should be extra comfy! Invest in a new duvet or comforter, some fluffy throw pillows, and maybe even a few stuffed animals. Add a small bedside table for books or before-bed snacks, and you’ve got a perfect place to snuggle up.

Once you really get into the decorating swing of things, you’ll find that your new apartment — no matter how temporary it is — feels like home. With just a few personal touches, the transformation can be profound. Before long, you’ll find yourself truly relaxing in a space all your own.

new apartmentToday’s young people love to rent. Studies have found that 65% of households headed by those under the age of 35 were renting — a 57% increase from the previous decade. Although many are students interested in living off campus, a great number of new apartments are going to individuals who have graduated and are firmly established in their lives; the next logical step, of course, would be to get a pet!

Provided you’re able to find pet friendly housing options, you’ll need to get your new space ready for your new companion. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can pet-proof and prepare your apartment for a dog.

  • Get a dog bed. Your new pup will be spending even more time in your apartment than you; he or she should have their own space. By placing a dog bed in the main room (or buying multiple and putting them wherever you hang out the most), your dog will truly begin to feel at home. Unless you’re comfortable with puppy fur all over your own bed and other furniture, dog beds are a perfect way to tackle two problems at once!
  • Replace your trash bins. Dogs are notoriously nosey — literally. Their keen sense of smell can give them a direct line to the garbage, and sometimes (most times) the temptation is too much to resist. To ensure your puppy isn’t getting into the trash and eating something that could make them sick, replace all the bins in your apartment with lidded options.
  • Pet-proof the whole apartment. Pet proofing is as serious as childproofing, especially for those pups that seem to have a genius-level intellect. This includes getting a puppy gate, putting away loose, within-reach cosmetics, and being incredibly strict with open food. If your dog has a reputation for being where they shouldn’t be, go the extra mile and invest in child-proof locks to guard cabinets containing cleaning products.

Finding quality apartments for rent is the hard part — and you’ve already done it! Making your new apartment cozy and safe for a canine companion is as easy as it is fun; before you know it, Fido will be curled up by your side and as happy in his new home as you are.

student rentalRenting your home is one of the oldest ways or providing a roof over ones head. Even in ancient times, people rented, and the tradition continues today. As a matter of fact, in America, about 27% of citizens rented their home in 2016. Among the largest growing groups of people are students. Students come in all shapes, sizes and ages. Regardless of their background or their reason for going to school, they need a place to live. Because a student is most likely going to be in the area near their school for a limited amount of time, renting is usually the way to go. Student rental can benefit the renter in several ways.

Stay Close to Your School and Pay Less

The room and board rates are going up as fast as—or faster than—tuition rates. The cost of living increases for a few different reasons. One, the cost of building increases on a yearly basis. Therefore, those who build dorms can justify rental rate hikes easily. Also, sometimes schools desire to attract a certain type of clientele, aka student, to their school. Building more expensive dorms is a way to get higher paying students into their classrooms—and into their alumni database. While this is great for the school and its benefactors, it hurts regular students who don’t have the means to pay higher dorm rental fees. Student rental near the campus is a great way to offset this potentially huge cost.

You can shop around to find the best rates or contact an agent or company that specifically deals with real estate for students. Rental units for student will vary in price, of course, but that doesn’t mean they are out of your reach. You just have to set your budget, stick to that range, and find the right pool of student rental options to choose from. Consider this your first foray into real estate. Student housing is always at a premium, but you can get ahead of the game if you arm yourself with the right resources to locate the best housing for your needs.

Stay Closer to Study Groups with the Right Student Rental

While you may have access to a car or feel comfortable riding public transportation, being far away from campus can preclude the possibility of joining or participating in study groups. You want to be a resource for your fellow students. Study groups are also a great place to make new connections that may prove valuable when you need to network in the future. Therefore, spending a little time finding student rental choices that are relatively close to campus can be time well-spent. Access to study groups will make you a better partner and result in higher grades and better impressions with other students. Everything will combine to a more rewarding college experience.

A Student Rental that Fits Your Needs Is Important

Not any student rental is going to be the one for you, however. A new apartment can be exciting, but you don’t want the excitement to momentarily cloud your judgment. Make a list of what you need, the bare minimum, from a rental. Include location, ease of access to transportation, proximity to other students, where the nearest grocery store or coffee shop is, etc. But also make a list of “wants” that you would like but could probably live without. Make this list guide your decision-making process. One of your most pressing needs is going to be the kind of privacy you get. If you need a lot of privacy, you will want to choose student housing that affords you your own room. Or perhaps, you just need a good place to study but don’t mind sharing a room with a roommate. In that case, you will want to locate space for lease that has a study nook that can give you the enclave you need to properly immerse yourself in your work.

Regardless of the rental you decide to go with, you will want to make sure not just your studies, but your overall sense of comfort is prioritized. This will be where you live, sleep, laugh, relax and have fun. It will also be one of your most major expenditures, so take your time and choose a student rental that works for you.

College Housing

For freshman and seniors alike, finding the right housing for college is an important aspect of your university experience. The right student housing experience can enhance your experience by providing a great social atmosphere, convenient location, and good roommates. The wrong student apartments can likewise be a wrench in an otherwise great year.

According to the New York Times (2016), over 85% of college students choose to live off campus. That figure has surged over the last several years, showing that off campus housing is by far the most popular choice among college students. This is especially true of Delaware student housing. Delaware student housing has significant off campus options from pet friendly student apartments to student rental units. Here are some of the main reasons why off campus Delaware student housing is so popular:

Benefits of Off Campus Housing

Increased Living Space and Personal Space: It is no secret that many of the on campus student apartments are very crowded and limited in space. Sharing a dorm room with a roommate can make it feel especially cramped. Maybe it’s a good experience to break into college as a freshman . . . but other than that, the cramped living quarters aren’t that great. University of Delaware student housing has plenty of off campus options that are much larger and offer private rooms. Each apartment includes a real kitchen, private bedroom options, a living room, and additional storage space. These living spaces are much easier to hang out in and have a good time.

Better Life Experience: A big part of attending college is the opportunity to live on your own and gain some real world experience. Living off campus is a great way to experience what living on your own in the “real world” is like. You will be in charge of new responsibilities such as: paying rent and utilities, cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, etc. Additionally, it will be a great opportunity to learn how to negotiate and understand lease contracts and develop relationships with professionals such as your property manager, landlord, and maintenance crew. Also, just like building good credit is important to eventually purchasing a house, building a good rental history is important to finding other apartments in the future.

Cost Effectiveness: As odd as it might sound, off campus housing is often significantly cheaper than on campus options. Of course, because of how much variety there is in off campus housing, there will certainly be premium rentals that are more expensive. But the point is that no matter what your budget is, off campus housing for Delaware student housing has plenty of price points to match your needs. Do some research and find out the pros and cons of each area. Consider how far the closest grocery store, gym, or campus bus stop is. Figure out which amenities are included or not included (such as a washer and dryer).

Set Your Own Rules: On campus housing comes with a plethora of rules. Curfews, guest restrictions, and pet restrictions are just a few that come to mind. Resident Advisors (the infamous RA), are also always around policing students and enforcing the rules. When you live off campus, in your own apartment, you set the rules. You decide when it’s quiet time and when it is party time. Each apartment will have its own rules of course (like don’t harass your neighbors), but off campus apartment rules are much less strict than their on campus counterparts.

Amenities Access: Perhaps one of the most difficult things about living in the doors is the lack of amenities. No hot tub. No dishwasher (or kitchen in many cases!). No private washer and dryer (gotta haul to the laundromat). Off campus apartments give full access to amenities. Free Wi-Fi, a study lounge, pool and hot tub, washers and dryers in your apartment, and even free gym access. Additionally, off campus housing will naturally put you closer to the grocery store, restaurants, parks, and other places of interest in Delaware. This will allow you more freedom to explore and experience the area.

There is no doubt about it, off campus housing is the way to go.

Record numbers of students are attending college, and student housing is an element of concern globally. This is because the students seeking to be housed come from far and wide. Students from China, India, Europe, Hong Kong, and Latin America are all coming to U.S. colleges. In most cases, they have not traveled to the area before, which can make finding student housing a challenge. Even for local residents, finding student housing can be a challenge. Fortunately, new student housing developments are making it easier for students everywhere to find an affordable apartment.

If you are looking for student housing developments in Newark, Delaware, then the Internet will be an important resource. To ensure you find the right student housing in Newark, DE, here are some tips you can use to ensure that you get the best living space.

Create a short list of options

When it comes to student housing, there are plenty of options to choose from. When starting your search, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. For this reason, your initial goal should be to narrow down your options to three or four choices. If official university housing is not an option, the start your search by looking only at housing within walking distance of your school. Once you have prepared your short list, proceed to the next steps.

Determine your budget

There is a large degree of variance when it comes to cost. From luxury student housing developments to low-cost basement studio apartments, you can find a lot of options. As such, it is important to look at what you are looking to spend on your housing. If you are taking out student loans, factor in what, if anything, these funds will contribute to your housing budget. A normal apartment lease is 12 months, so make sure you can maintain the budget for the term of the lease. This will ensure you get the best price and value for money.

Establish the requirements for the housing

Typically, you will find that all housing situations have different rules and requirements that have to be adhered to. For instance, there are some housing options that might not allow pets. As a result, if you have a pet or plan to own one in future, such housing options get ruled out. Other apartments will place limits on overnight guests or parking. Also, requirements pertaining to the terms of payments and the facilities provided are important to put into consideration.

Use the internet to your advantage

The internet has made this process easy and fast. When looking for student housing developments, this should actually be your first stop, especially for students coming from far. In fact, it is possible to get housing even without setting foot in town. In addition to getting housing listings around the desired area, you also get an opportunity to look at the reviews from the various residents that have been housed here. From their experiences, it is easy to learn any inconveniences they experienced. Finally, look for housing developments with lots of photos.

Take time to inspect your preferred house

Even with an online search for student housing developments, images can be deceiving. If possible, make time to tour your apartment list in person. At this time you will be able to assess the neighborhood as well as the amenities in the house. You will be able to even note the finer details such as access to natural lighting, air conditioning, and much more. At this time, you will also be able to find the proximity of the house to the learning institution as well as the available means of transport.

Since students form a significant percentage of renters here in the United States, there are more and more student housing developments opening with each passing year, and Newark, DE is no exception. Hopefully, this post will aid you in making a better selection for your housing.

According to the Rental Protection Agency, 40% of U.S. renters are between the ages of 15 and 34. Students comprise a large portion of this demographic, with many of them choosing to move out of their college dorms and into off campus student housing. This change can be both exciting and overwhelming — as this is the first time they have had to furnish an apartment, it can be difficult for them to know where to start. If you are a student who is about to move or recently moved into an apartment, whether in Newark student housing or anywhere in the country, make sure to consider these three items that will make apartment life a breeze!

  1. An elevated bed frame

    The most common challenge students come across, whether living on campus, in Newark student housing, or an apartment in any city, is limited space. In a dorm there is not much you can do, as you essentially have just the furniture provided by the school to work with. In an apartment, however, students have far greater flexibility. If there is not one in the room already, purchasing an elevated bed frame allows for large amounts of convenient, out-of-sight storage space. Acquire some rolling plastic bins to slide in and out from underneath the frame and this solution becomes even more effective.

  2. An electric kettle

    They say a watched pot never boils — buy an electric kettle, and no watching is necessary. Simply flip the switch or press the button and the device heats your water automatically, needing only an outlet to be plugged into. If you are an avid tea or coffee connoisseur, it may be worth investing in a kettle with variable temperature settings. While boiling water is perfect for black teas such as English Breakfast and Earl Grey, more delicate varieties such as green tea and oolong tea require lower temperatures, typically around 175 and 185 degrees, respectively. Coffee should be brewed with water below the boil as well, ideally around 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

  3. A comfy desk chair

    Unless you are the type of student who strictly works in the library or at nearby cafés, you are going to want to set up a quality workspace in your apartment. If you buy an uncomfortable chair, you will never want to sit at your desk to work. Invest in your productivity and buy an ergonomic desk chair that makes working as pleasant an experience as possible.


Before you get these important items, you have to find an apartment — the best Newark student housing options for students living off campus while attending the University of Delaware are with Lang Development Group.

Contrary to traditional college life, more and more students decide to live away from their University campuses than before. It helps to build independence more than living on campus, and they do not have to abide by University housing rules. For example, students attending a dry campus can have alcohol in their off campus apartments while they would not be able to in on campus dorms. In fact, a New York Times article put the percentage of students living off campus at 87%. Also, 40.6% of renters in the U.S. are from ages 15-34. If you are looking to live off campus at your university, attached is a list of things to look for (Once you know the rent, security deposit, and what you can afford):

1. Parking

It cannot be overstated how important this one is. One of the first things that you should consider is how much parking is available. Is there off-street parking? Is there a garage provided, or does it cost extra? Will you have to park on the street? How secure is the parking lot (If the neighborhood is not the greatest)? Is there a parking garage nearby, and how much does that cost? You should call the property management company ahead of time to get the answers to these questions. The answers to these questions could help eliminate some of your options right away. The last thing you want to do is fall in love with an apartment, save parking questions for last, and end up stuck parking a block away every day. Remember to check parking first before even going into the apartment.

2. Proximity To The School

This might seem like a given, but it is also a give and take. While most student rental units are very close to the University, your budget, parking, and other factors might make finding an apartment adjacent to your University hard to do. If you cannot find an adjacent unit, you should find off campus housing options that have access to an expressway or other highway that will get you to the University.

3. Amenities

This one is not quite as important, but, especially if there are roommates, you may be able to afford student rentals with nice amenities. Is there a pool or hot tub? Do you have a pet? What is the square footage? Is there storage offered? Is there a washer and dryer in the unit, or is it shared (Does it cost money?)? Is there a garbage disposal? These are all questions that you should have answered before signing the lease for any off campus housing options.

4. Utilities

Some apartment complexes cover certain utilities making the rent more affordable. Research these questions: Do I have to pay for water? What about gas, internet, electricity, garbage disposal, snow removal (For rental houses)? These questions can be answered prior to your visit, and you can focus on finding the right space for you and your roommates, if you have them.

These and other questions that are on your mind should be answered before considering signing a lease for off campus housing options, so you can have a more fun and enlightening experience at University.

For many students, senior year sneaks up on you. All of a sudden you’re preparing yourself for ingress into the ‘real world,’ while also trying to balance your thesis, internships, and living your best life. Throw a beloved pet into the mix, and the entire affair may become overwhelming. Just by having a sweet dog, or cat, or bearded dragon, finding a pet friendly apartment becomes a herculean task. With so many factors to consider, your pet becomes the primary point of focus for any landlords or student housing authorities, and you find yourself making a pros and cons list. To save you the trouble, here’s one already built.

The Cons

– It’s an unfortunate reality of student housing: pet friendly apartments are not included in your tuition. If you’re looking to roll out of bed at 8:20 for your 8:30 class, you may only find leniency from the student housing department if your pet is a service animal.

– Chances are, if you’re hunting for a pet friendly student apartment, your animal’s main service is less medical and more communal. In this case, you may go the clandestine route of making your student housing unofficially “pet friendly” student housing. However, a pet friendly student apartment must come with pet friendly students. The bond you share with your roommate or roommates must be a bond sealed in puppy nose kisses. You need to be able to depend on them to cover your secret cat or parakeet if your residence advisor comes busting in, or to keep their mouths shut even if all their shoes get chewed through.

– Often, campus housing is the easiest option to ascertain where you’re going to be spending your college years. Finding a pet friendly apartment on your own can be an expensive and time consuming endeavor, especially if your campus is situated in the Finger Lakes region New York and the closest city is an hour away. Student housing, even if the rooms needed upgrades in the 80s and the showers are reminiscent of prison bathrooms, is usually the safest of your housing options.

The Pros

– Most colleges these days offer off campus housing, which is usually only available to upperclassmen. If you’re a senior with a pet, living off campus may be the best option to both keep the cost in your tuition, keep close proximity to your classes, and make your home a pet friendly apartment without a pesky residence advisor barging in at a moment’s notice.

– The real estate market has never been more saturated by younger generations than it is now. Just three years ago, 65% of real estate belonged to renters aged 35 and younger, and the number has only gone up since then. By 2017 around 43 million housing units were renter-occupied. Since commercial real estate has become an unavoidable aspect of independent living, finding a pet friendly apartment may be a great way to get a jump on the real world. Rental units for students are an overlooked sector of the rental market that may be a good place to start for seniors who want to lower the cost of college and are looking for pet friendly housing options that they won’t have to vacate come summer.

– Finding a pet friendly apartment can be daunting. If you know you’ll need to find pet friendly housing you need to hit the real estate market early, and know exactly what it is you’re looking for. But the pay-off is immeasurable. Student housing tends to be overpriced at universities, and often barely meet the qualifications to be student friendly, let alone pet friendly. By looking into the rental option you set yourself and your pet up for success by making a fiscally sound decision.

As a college student, you may have a lot of housing options in the Newark, DE area. You probably are sick of dorm life, so renting one of the off-campus apartments could be a good choice for your lifestyle and needs as a student. Off-campus housing may be your first venture into the world of rental properties, but we can help you narrow down your housing options.

In 2016, 87% of college students lived off campus, according to the New York Times. Sharing a bathroom with an entire floor and eating cafeteria food can only last for so long, so you might be looking to rent your first apartment.

First and foremost, you must decide on a budget. This could be your first foray into paying bills on your own, which could get confusing, but if you do the right research, you will be able to find your dream apartment and afford it too. According to financial experts, your rent and utility bills should be no more than 30 percent of your monthly income (after tax). Finding your budget and sticking to it will be the most essential part of finding a space for lease.

After the budget, choosing the location of where you want to live is also important. There are many student rental units around the University of Delaware, so you must decide where you want to be close to. Whether it’s closer to the library for late night study sessions or closer to the nightlife for late night drinks is entirely up to you.

In your list of housing options, you’ll also need to consider roommates…and that includes roommates with four legs, too. Pet-friendly apartments are available in this area, but you have to address that in your search from the get-go. Other not so furry roommates will be taken into consideration in the form of how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need.

As a full-service property management company, we can help provide you with the housing options that meet all of your above needs. We have worked with the local Newark area and the University of Delaware and can help you make that next big move in your life.

For more information on off-campus housing options, give us a call or visit us online!

living off campusAre you thinking of stepping away from dorm life and renting an apartment for the rest of your college career? There are a lot of off campus housing options out there for those looking to change it up, and living off campus comes with a lot of advantages.

Learn more about the benefits off campus living below, then find your dream apartment today.

More Independence and Freedom

Let’s face it. Campus housing comes with a lot of rules and regulations, and most people in their early twenties are ready to be done with that stage of life. Being supervised by a resident advisor can get tiresome, so get the independence you deserve by living off campus.

No more curfews, and no restrictions on who you can and cannot invite over. Off campus living is truly liberating.

You Can Cook Your Own Meals

For the first few weeks of college, eating at the cafeteria can be a fun experience. Unfortunately, the cooks tend to serve the same options over and over, and the whole ordeal gets old pretty quickly. Not to mention, you have to eat within certain time frames, and there are typically long lines for better food choices.

Living off campus means your getting own kitchen, fully equipped with a stove, microwave, and refrigerator, and you can easily invest in some cheap utensils and pans. In no time, you will be all set to cook whatever meals you want whenever you would like.

Craving pasta at 2:00 in the afternoon? No problem. Whip up some spaghetti or alfredo. Want to make a grilled cheese before bed? You can do that, too. Being able to cook your own meals is a big perk of off campus living and one thing people love most about getting out of the dorms.

Gaining Life Experience

Another big perk of living off campus is the ability to get a taste of adulthood and what to expect when you are officially done with classes and out in the real world. Living in off campus apartments means paying your own bills, buying your own groceries, and making smart investments when it comes to furniture, tvs, and dishware. If you are looking for an adult experience, this is definitely one way to get it.

Along with this, it gives you some rental experience, so you will have something to put on rental applications down the line. If you are a good tenant, then off campus living will set you up nicely for getting better housing down the line.

Want a Pet?

If you want to add a furry critter to your life, then finding a pet friendly apartment is the route to take. Pets in a dorm room is a big no-no, so you will not be able to invest in a cat, dog, bird, or anything else until you are officially off campus.

Ready to get Started?

After reading some of the many pros of living off campus, you will not be surprised to learn that around 87% of students lived off campus in 2016 according to the New York Times. If you are ready to join them, work with us here Lang Development Group today. We can set you up right.

living off campusGoing to college can be an exciting time for students just starting out. There’s plenty to plan for: registering for classes, picking out your supplies, and deciding where to live. When you’re trying to pick a place to live during your college days, it can be easy to default to dorm room living, but don’t be so quick to sign up for a cramped living situation. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider living off campus in off campus student housing during your years at school.

  • First taste of freedom: If you’re just heading off to school for the first time, you have a unique opportunity to live on your own for the first time. Living off campus will give you the chance to experience what it’s like to live outside your parent’s house. While this seems like the makings of a party, this is also an opportunity to prove to yourself that you can be responsible.
  • A space of your own: Taking care of a space of your own is an essential part of living off campus that you might not fully get to experience while living in a dorm. Of course, you need to keep a dorm clean, but managing a smaller room is much different than apartment style living. Additionally, living off campus is likely to give you more privacy than you’d have living in a dorm building.
  • Pet friendly options: If you have a furry friend you can’t bear to leave at home when you go off to school, you’ll likely need to look for pet friendly apartments for students. Most dorms don’t allow pets, so if you want to have a pet in your living space, you’ll find yourself looking for student rentals off campus.
  • Ready for the real world: When you graduate from college, there’s a very strong chance you’ll be moving into a rented apartment. As of 2017, there were more than 111 million renters that called apartments home in the United States. If you want your college experience to better prepare you for the real world, living off campus can help you get ready for this.

Ready to look for student housing so you can start living off campus? Contact Lang Development Group for more information and to see what housing options are available for you.

living off campusRenting your first off campus apartment during college can be incredibly exciting. You’re finally going to be living in a space that’s truly your own; for many students, this represents a first real taste of freedom. But are you actually ready to be living off campus? Use these five tips to rent your first off campus apartment.

  1. Figure out your roommate situation: Before you start actively looking for an off campus apartment, you’ll need to know how many people will be living in the apartment. Whether you’re living by yourself, with your best friend, or a group of students, knowing how many people will be living with you is essential to your search.
  2. Know what you can afford: Once you know who will be living with you and what size apartment you need, get your budget set and stick to it. According to financial experts, your monthly rent and utility bills should be no more than 30% of your monthly net income. Make sure you’re taking into account everyone’s incomes when calculating this.
  3. Create a shopping list: You need to make sure your off campus housing options have everything you’ll need. Sit down with your roommates and make a list of what everyone needs. Do you need to find pet friendly student apartments? How important is the size of the kitchen? This will make sure you’re organized when you start visiting apartments.
  4. Have a timeline: Make sure you start your search early enough to give yourself time before the semester starts. Otherwise, you might end up scrambling to find off campus housing a week before the semester starts. Living off campus takes planning, and planning takes time, so give yourself a bit more time than you think you need just in case.
  5. Be willing to walk away: Unless your semester starts tomorrow and you need to secure housing immediately, remember that there’s always going to be another apartment. If the one you’re looking at doesn’t suit your needs or is outside your budget, be willing to walk away and look at other student housing.

Looking for student housing options near the University of Delaware? Contact Lang Development Group for more information on University of Delaware off campus housing.

The Rental Protection Agency estimates that more than 2,600 people enter the rental market every day in search of a place to live. In fact, every 80 seconds, a new unit is rented.

That’s especially true if you’re a college student. A New York Times article from 2016 found that nearly 90% of college students live off campus. What’s more, it’s estimated by the Rental Protection Agency that people aged 15-34 represent more than 40% of renters in the United States.

If you’re a college student, there are plenty of benefits to living off campus and opting to live in apartments for students. Perhaps the biggest among these is the freedom that comes with living in apartments for students. For many college students, going away to school represents the first time he/she is on their own and with no one telling you what to do, you get to take charge of your life.

Other benefits of renting an off-campus apartment include:

  • The chance to have real world experience. Again you’re on your own, living on your own and you get to make adult decisions.
  • You can develop a rental history, which will help you once you graduate and might be looking to rent a place in a new city.
  • Apartments for students are sometimes cheaper to rent than paying to stay in university housing.
  • You’ll have more space to study, more peace and quiet and hopefully fewer distractions.
  • You get your own bathroom and get to make your own meals.

Of course, there are also some things to be mindful of if you’re leaning toward living off campus and living in apartments for students:

  • While it can be cheaper at times, living off-campus can be more expensive too, since you’ve got to pay for utilities, groceries, appliances, etc.
  • Living off-campus means you have to do chores, including cleaning the bathroom and shopping for food.
  • You’re away from campus, which likely means you’ll need to make sure you have a way to get to classes.
  • If you sign a year-long lease, you’re likely going to have to find someone to sublet with you.

Still, if you’re looking into living in apartments for students or other off-campus housing options, it’s important to keep these tips in mind.

  • Keep a budget: Many campuses across the country can be off the mark when estimating the cost of living off-campus. If you’re living off-campus, it’s very important to create a budget and stick to it since there’s a lot of new costs for college students living on their own. Not only do they have to pay rent, move-in fees, and utilities, but there’s also the costs of food, Internet/TV, laundry services and perhaps even parking. If a student has a pet and can find pet-friendly apartments, they’ll have to factor in any pet fees they incur when they move in as well as the cost of pet care.
  • Do some research: Rental companies offer plenty of options when it comes to apartments for students and off-campus housing. But it’s important for students to wade through all the options and find the perfect living situation for their needs. When looking at apartments for students, consider the size of a place and make sure to do a walkthrough before signing off on anything. The last thing a student needs is surprises after they’ve already agreed to lease terms. Other things to keep in mind include the amenities a complex offers, location relative to campus and how long a lease is for.
  • BYO: If you’re renting an apartment, it’s very beneficial to bring your own items from home. If you can bring appliances, furniture, and other apartment essentials, it’ll make things easier in the long run. Keep in mind the size of the apartment and if you live with roommates, try to avoid having duplicate items, especially appliances.
  • Keep things fair If you’re living with roommates, keep things fair. Split bills, share the apartment space and be respectful. It’s going to be a nightmare if you don’t.

Renting an off-campus apartment comes with plenty of benefits, but you want to be sure to take time to create a budget and consider your options. For University of Delaware students, Lang Development Group can help you find the perfect off-campus housing opportunity.

off campus apartments for studentsLiving in an off campus student apartment is an often indulgent experience: after all, you’re finally independent, you have your own room, you live in pet friendly housing, and you’re not constricted to paying for an overpriced meal plan.

Here’s how to stay healthy when you’re living off campus in Delaware student housing:

Shop often

Though it might be tempting to get nine boxes of sugary cereal to sustain you for the next month, eating nothing but grains and sugar will ensure you’ll pack on the pounds. Instead of performing your monthly grocery haul in one fell swoop, try to visit the store more often. This will prevent your fresh fruits and veggies from going bad too quickly, helping you eat in a more healthy way.

You should also check out any local farmers markets to promote local farmers and businesses. When you buy fruits and veggies in bulk, ensure everyone in your student rental enjoys them to prevent these foods from spoiling.

Always stretch

Getting up in the morning is always hard, but waking up a few minutes early to stretch will prevent you from shuffling through your morning routine like a zombie. Wake up and stretch your tired muscles to start the day off right. You might find you’re more active throughout the day when you began the day with a healthy stretch.

Drink plenty of water

Off campus apartments for students in Delaware can always benefit from drinking water right from the tap. When you’re hungry, consider drinking a couple glasses of water instead. You might find your growing appetite was actually a thirst that needed to be quenched.

Choose housing with great amenities

Though the on-campus gym might have helped you when you relied on student housing, many off campus apartments for students offer great amenities, including a gym! Some even offer beginner classes to ease you into a great workout. Regardless, choosing an off campus apartment nearby your local gym is essential for an affordable workout.

Did you know nearly 2,654 people enter the rental market each day? For the best off campus student apartments, rely on the development group you can trust. With Lang Development Group, you know you’re getting the best off campus student housing at an affordable price. Call today to book a tour!

newark student housingOwning a house with a white picket fence is a dream for many, but a new study by Freddie Mac claims that nearly 80% of renters find that renting is a more affordable option. This sentiment is shared by renters spanning every generation, but this opinion has only increased in the last six months.

Among renters, seniors have become the fastest growing members in the market, but renters from each generation, from Millennials to Gen Xers, have begun to think that renting is more affordable than buying a home. In fact, nearly 72% of renters in 2014 were Millennials. This is in spite of rising rental costs that would lead people to think otherwise.

But why would people choose to rent than buy?


One popular reason people choose to rent instead of buy is the need for flexibility. Some people can’t imagine staying in one place longer than a year while others have to move constantly for work. Buying a house in a single location is an investment that many people simply don’t have time for.

But the need for flexibility is not limited to working professionals. Many parents prefer to downsize after their children leave the nest and older folks may prefer temporary living when they travel in their retirement. The need for flexible housing has become a desirable trait in an ever-fluctuating market.

The costs

Owning a home comes with a lot of extra costs that simply aren’t associated with renting. Owning a home results in the need for home insurance, fluctuating utility bills, home maintenance and upkeep, and a potential decrease in your property’s value.

By comparison, countless renters prefer to have a fixed rate for their utilities. On top of that, they won’t lose out on an investment by suffering from decreasing property values. And when something is broken in their home, they can rely on their landlord to get a maintenance technician to fix the problem promptly. Paired with lower insurance costs, renting has become a more affordable option despite the recent surge in rental prices. This is particularly popular among students.

There are countless reasons to choose to rent a home. When you want to check out pet-friendly student housing options in Delaware, contact the development group you can trust. At Lang Development Group, we offer the best Newark student housing available. Contact us today for a tour of our Newark student housing options.

off campus apartmentsLiving in off campus apartments often seems like temporary housing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t craft the perfectly cozy college apartment of your dreams! Make the most of your time living off campus — follow these tips and tricks to make living off campus all the more enjoyable.


Get a coffee table


For some reason, college students never seem to get a coffee table. This is a simple addition that many college students seem to overlook. When it comes to relaxing on the couch or playing a game of cards with your friends, nothing beats the convenience and simplicity of a great coffee table.


By an affordable new coffee table or see what you can find at your local second-hand shop. You’d be surprised what a new layer of paint can do for an old piece of furniture.


Light it up with lamps


Delaware student housing options will usually provide a ceiling light in each room, but buying the lamps is up to you. An easy way to craft a cozy room is with strategic lighting.


If you’re not a fan of overhead lighting, using table lamps or standing lamps can add dimension and ambiance. After all, even the best student housing in Delaware doesn’t suit every mood. Lamps and other forms of lighting are often less harsh than the overhead light and make the room seem cozier since the light is concentrated in one area. Try accenting doorways with fun string lights or turning on a floor lamp when you’re watching your favorite movie.


Craft a color scheme


One of the worst parts of owning your own place is filling it with all the goods you’ve accumulated over the years. Oftentimes, you chose what looked cute or functional instead of opting for a cohesive design.


When you want to make the most of your student housing, think about choosing a simple color scheme consisting of two or three colors that complement each other. This can range from your throw rugs to the decorations on your wall to the colors of your lamp shades. It will create a cohesive space that looks more put-together than your old on campus housing.


When in doubt, always choose furniture that matches or — at the very least — get furniture covers that are the same color. This takes up the brunt of your living room and mismatched furniture will always look cheap.


Off campus apartments are beautiful, but they’re even better when you seek to add your own personal flair. According to the New York Times, 87% of students choose to live in off campus apartments. Gain ideas from your friends or rely on these tips when you want to make your off campus housing a home.

off campus housing optionsFinding the right off campus housing options can seem like running on a treadmill; while you’re putting in all the effort, you’re not really going anywhere.

Here are some essential tips for finding the best off campus housing options.


Start the search early

Many college students begin looking for off campus housing options nearly a year in advance. This is half because they need to announce their intentions for on campus housing, but it’s also because the best places are picked out quickly. On top of that, finding the perfect place takes time. Don’t be afraid to call up student housing locations as a sophomore when you want to live off campus as a junior.

Know your budget

And this doesn’t just mean allotting for rent. One person’s budget can be drastically different from the next. Do you like to eat out a lot during the weekends? Have you accounted for gas? Do you prefer one neighborhood over another? Here are some more basic expenses to account for when you move into student housing off campus, some of which may or may not be included in the monthly rent:

  • Rent and security deposit
  • Utilities
  • Laundry
  • Parking
  • Food
  • Pet fees


All these factors make everyone’s budget wildly different. Before you look at off campus apartments for students, try keeping a spreadsheet with all your weekly costs. Being realistic about your budget is essential when you’re looking for the pet friendly apartment of your dreams.


Keep the duration in mind

Student housing options vary in length and duration. While some options rent out their housing for just the school year, other locations will rent on a month-by-month basis or lock you into a year-long lease.

Each option has their pros and cons depending on your living situation and whether or not you plan on staying in Delaware over summer break. Keep in mind that there were 43 million apartments, townhomes, and houses rented in 2017 — if one housing option doesn’t work for you, you’ll be able to find other rental units for students with ease.

There are countless off campus housing options for students in Delaware. But when you want the best Newark student housing with pet friendly apartments, you need to contact the best student housing around: with the Lang Development Group, you never need to worry about finding the right apartment. We’re a full-service property management group designed with the student in mind. Contact us today if you’re ready to live off campus!

pet friendly student apartmentsWhen it comes to everyday living, you might not notice a huge change between living off campus or relying on suite-style student housing. With off campus housing options, however, you’re opening up a new world of possibilities you may not have ever considered.

Here are some of the little-known perks of looking for student rentals off campus.

There are pet-friendly apartment options

Pet friendly student apartments are becoming more common for students and renters alike. Unfortunately, your campus dorm might not be so accommodating to your furry friend.

Luckily, pet friendly student apartments are right around the corner. While there is often a monthly fee and most residential real estate prefer pets under 30 pounds, this is a great option for students who have emotional support pets or just prefer to have animals in the home.

Alone time

If you’re tired of sharing a campus shower with an entire hall, you won’t have this problem living off campus. Off campus apartments for students are great options for social college students who still care about their alone time. Instead of sharing a room or constantly reporting to your RA on duty, with rental units for students off campus, you’ll get the alone time you never knew that you needed.

You usually get more living space

The largest housing option on campus is usually in the campus townhouses. Though you’ll have some room to stretch your legs, this is still not as much space as you could be getting off campus.

Off campus apartments for students guarantee you won’t have to share a room. On top of that, you usually get a larger kitchen, more space in the living room, and even a dining room. Most college campuses don’t offer this kind of space for lease for students.

Living off campus can seem like a big step into adulthood, but most renters are younger now. In fact, 65% of the people renting in 2016 were under the age of 35. Besides, these hidden perks are all the reason you need to make the switch from on campus living. Whether you want more room to entertain, more room to yourself, or room to share with a furry friend, look for pet friendly student apartments at Lang Development Group today. Visit langdevelopmentgroup.com for more information on our apartments for students.

student rental unitsChoosing your first apartment as a college student is an exciting time. You round up a troupe of your friends, make a list of the best apartments for rent in Newark DE, and go on your first tours. But it isn’t all fun and games.

Before you look into student rental units, there are important financial factors to consider. Here are three important financial matters to mull over before you take the big leap for off-campus housing.

Do you have a cosigner?

Many off-campus apartments for students require a cosigner to guarantee you’re able to pay the rent each month. This is particularly common for students and other young adults who lack a significant credit history. Without a verified record that you’re able to pay your bills consistently, there’s no way for an apartment rental to ensure you’re able to make the payments on time.

A cosigner is there to be held responsible in the event you’re unable to pay your rent. Your cosigner is usually a family member, like your parent or an established older sibling. Think about your family’s financial situation before you take on an apartment lease, even if you have student loans to ensure the payments. If your cosigner is denied, you may be in hot water.

Are the utilities included?

Most landlords are required to include water and trash removal. Anything outside of this can rest on the shoulders of the student renters. An affordable price might be at the top of your budget if you don’t consider outside costs like electric, heating, parking, and internet.

On top of that, you’ll need to pay for food, toiletries, and a pet fee if you plan to live with a small dog or cat. Budget accordingly so you don’t overextend your bank account.

Will you have to buy furniture?

Many apartments, especially those intended for student housing, will be fully furnished for the ease of the renter. This means you won’t have to bring your own furniture (unless you want to) but it also means that you have to treat the furniture with respect. Don’t spill any drinks, clean them regularly, and manage your guests when they’re over.

If your apartment does not come fully furnished, or you’d rather bring your own furniture, you’ll have to work out extra costs with your roommates to see who’s bringing what.

Student rental units come with a few different financial factors the average college student may not consider. But you’re not alone — an estimated 27% of Americans rented in 2016.

Before you move into off-campus housing, talk over your options with your parents and rely on the best student rental units in Delaware; with the Lang Development Group, our fully furnished student rental units are designed with the college student in mind. Call or visit today for a tour!

housing options for studentsMoving to a new area is hard and it’s even more difficult when you move away from home for the first time. When you’re looking for housing options for students in Delaware, there are a lot of factors that go into finding the perfect location. If you’re moving into a new home, here’s how to find the neighborhood of your dreams.

Quiet or loud?

You will likely have a lot of off campus housing options for students when you move to Delaware. However, the closer you are to campus, the rowdier the nightlife. If you’re over the college scene, luckily there are a few more affordable housing options right down the street. It might be a bit of a walk, but you’ll actually be able to sleep soundly on the weekends for once.

Look at the price points

While everyone wants to move to New York or LA, the cost is simply incredulous. Not only will your rent be sky high, but the cost of living in the area will run your bank account dry.

The neighborhood that’s perfect for you will also be in your price range. There are luckily nice, affordable neighborhoods surrounding the University of Delaware campus. When you’re looking for apartments for rent in Newark Delaware, keep in mind that your monthly rent should be no more than 30% of your net income. This includes your utilities. That way, you’ll stay afloat and have a little extra spending money for your textbooks.


You’re not going to get the vibe of an area by looking at statistics on your computer screen. The best way to get a feel for an area is to visit, even if that means going a little out of your way.

This way, you can check out the local shops, eye public transit options, and actually walk the distance to and from campus. At the very least, try to contact someone from your campus that lives in the area or read local reviews online.

Talk to your roommates`

It’s rare that a college student lives off campus alone and your roommates might have some great insights. Real estate for students often comes with great amenities, nearby locations, and a proximity to local shops. If you don’t have the inside scoop, it’s likely your roommate might.

When you want the best in housing options for students, look no further than the Lang Development Group. Not only do we offer the best student housing near UD, we support our Delaware hometown by giving back to the community. Contact us today or visit our website for more information.

living off campusLiving off campus for the first time is often one of your first tastes of freedom as an adult. While living in the dorms was an experience, this is the type of college housing you’ve dreamed of.

If you’re living off campus for the first time, here are some of the things you should expect.

Roommates can be a challenge

Living on campus means that your bathrooms were cleaned, you shared a tight space with someone else, and you didn’t need to worry about your roommate’s laundry. When you live with one or three other people, as most off campus student housing options provide, you’re going to experience highs and lows alike.

Expect to argue over who does the dishes. You’re going to bicker over parking. No, you can’t have a party on a Wednesday night. Pitfalls will happen but living with some of your best friends is an amazing experience. You no longer live under the thumb of an RA and you can stay up and chat late into the night. Real estate for students allows you to pick the place of your dreams with some of your best friends. Revel in it while you can.

It’s usually cheaper, but it’s likely out of pocket

Dorms are expensive to live in since they come equipped with a meal plan, cleaning services, and student parking. Even though living off campus will likely save you money in the long run, you’re also not able to bill your off campus apartments to your student loans.

You’re also going to have to buy your own food, cleaning supplies, and groceries. It doesn’t seem like much, but these weekly expenses can add up quickly. Budget accordingly if you’re going to live off campus and take responsibility for yourself should something go wrong.

Hello, independence

The independence associated with living in off campus student apartments is amazing. You have the freedom to decorate as you like, parking is often included, and you no longer need to worry about pesky RAs.

Unfortunately, this independence can go to your head. Because there aren’t monthly check-ins before major holidays, your apartment’s existence is in your hands. Keep in mind you might lose your security deposit if it’s left in bad condition when you leave. On top of that, you’re in charge of yourself: you need to get to class on time, maintain relationships, and still go to school even if you are a little more detached.

Living off campus is a great experience every college student should have. When you want to move into real estate for students, keep these perks and pitfalls in mind. But if you didn’t make the college cut, you can always rent after graduation. More U.S. households are rented now more than ever since 1965, making it a popular option for just about everyone, college student and working-class adult alike.

School is starting back up any day now and you want to make the most out of your senior year. When you’re in college, it might feel like these are the last official days of your youth before adulthood slaps you with reality.

If you want to have the best senior year of college ever follow these tips.

Opt for off campus student housing

When you live on campus in student housing, you have to worry about RAs, dorm housing, and never being able to find a parking spot. Sure, you’re living on your own, but you’re not really autonomous.

If you really want to make the most of your senior year, opt for off campus student housing options. There are great options for apartments for rent in Newark DE and the Lang Development Group. If you’re worried you won’t be able to find student rental units off campus, keep in mind that nearly 2,654 renters enter the market each day looking for new rental units. When you’re looking for apartments for students, you’ll have no trouble finding a great option near campus to live independently. Not only will you get a better idea of what it’s like to live on your own, you’ll be able to get out from under the thumb of your college.

Find professional references

Senior year isn’t all play, as much as we hate to admit it. To find a good job after college, it’s time to start lining up your professional references. These might be mentors you’ve met throughout your college career, or they might be trusted professors. If you’ve completed any internships or research throughout your college career, there are other great options for professional references. Even though you think you can write their name down, you must talk to them first to get their permission and be sure to let them know when you apply for a job. There’s nothing worse than getting a phone call about someone else when you least expect it.

Take advantage of every opportunity

Your senior year may be the last time you attend college. As such, it’s important to take advantage of all the opportunities you are presented with (as long as they’re safe!). While you shouldn’t go BASE jumping with a friend, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask that cute person in the library on a date. That class you always wanted to take but it wasn’t in your major? As long as it fits in your schedule, take it! You never know when you’ll be able to take classes like these again.

Graduating college can be a scary and exciting time. To make the most out of your senior year, don’t hesitate to follow these tips. Call Lang Development Group today if you’re looking for off campus student housing to make your senior year successful.

When you’re looking for off campus student housing, you have to consider the transport options available in your area. After all, lugging your backpack up and down a hill doesn’t seem realistic for everyday transit and there are likely more affordable options further from campus. Here are the top three transportation essentials you should look for when you’re looking at off campus housing.

1. Parking

If you’re one of the lucky college students who own their own car, you must make sure your off campus student housing has access to parking. Even if parking is an additional fee, it’s way easier than utilizing a parking garage or free parking that’s blocks away from your home.

On top of that, you should consider parking options for guests and family as well. The going rate is usually one guest spot per apartment unit in most off campus housing options, but you can always check to see if you can purchase an additional guest spot. Luckily Lang Development Group offers parking for over ten of their residential buildings.

2. Proximity to local transit

If you don’t have a car, you might want to utilize the bus or another form of transportation. Many campuses offer a bus shuttle service around the area and if you live close to a bus stop, you can likely ride for free as a student. While leaving five minutes early doesn’t sound ideal, proximity to local transportation options is a must if you’re living far away from campus.

3. Proximity to campus

If your college doesn’t offer a bus system and you don’t have a car, you can always find apartments closer to your school. They might be a little more expensive depending on who you rent from, but the location is key if you’re not willing to purchase a car. Just be careful when you’re looking for real estate for students and be sure to take pictures when you move in: too many apartments for students have landlords that try to weasel you out of money. Luckily, the Rental Protection Agency can protect you and your assets; according to them, young people between the ages of 15 and 34 make up over 40% of the renters in the United States.

With Lang Development Group, you’re guaranteed the best student rental units at an affordable price for your budget. Their buildings are student-friendly, offer parking for many units, and are located in excellent areas close to campus. When you need off campus student housing, call them for a tour today.

commercial real estate optionsRenting. While your parents might tell you that you’re throwing money away, the fact of the matter is, the housing market has changed. For many, it makes more sense to rent as a young adult. Here are some of the perks associated with renting your first home after college.

It can be temporary
Owning a home is a long-term commitment many young adults find overwhelming. While many people want to live close to their family, the thought of staying in the same town where you grew up can seem suffocating. A young adult has the opportunity to travel, to experiment, to live in different locations and test out the waters of different towns.

Most rental housing options offer a yearly agreement for a lease option and commercial real estate options offer one- to three-year leases. While you might be able to find longer-term housing options available, year-long lease agreements are great for the traveling young adult who wants to find their place in the world.

They often have fixed rent amounts
The housing market is constantly fluctuating, but a rental option is designed with the budgeter in mind. A yearly lease offers a fixed amount of rent due at the end of each month; because it’s in writing, you’re better able to finance the costs of living.

If you’re looking for the perks of a pool, grounds maintenance, and access to athletic facilities, finding a space for lease might be the right option for you. Many rental groups offer access to amenities as a part of their lease agreements and it’s included in your monthly rent. This is a great way to exercise or entertain friends without leaving the comfort of your home.

Repairs and maintenance is covered
This is probably one of the biggest draws for new renters. Whether you’re looking for student housing options among your peers or commercial real estate options, your landlord is responsible for any maintenance costs and repairs that happen to your home or apartment. Of course, you need to clean and any damage you cause will come out of your security deposit, but general repair costs are covered by the landlord. This includes any plumbing issues, power outages, roof leaks, or appliance issues. The costs of fixing your home yourself can add up quickly; with a landlord or property manager taking care of the expensive fixes, it keeps money in your pocket.

Whether you’re looking for commercial real estate options in Newark or you want to look for residential real estate options, the Lang Development Group owns over 35 properties. When a new unit is leased every 80 seconds in the United States, don’t hesitate to call today.

off campus housingChoosing the right place to live is a challenge, but not when you have the right real estate and property management group to rely on. Whether you’re a busy college student in need of off campus student housing or trying to find the best commercial real estate in Newark, Delaware, your property management should offer these qualities before you sign that dotted line.

1. Easy ways to pay your rent
You have a busy schedule; finding time to drop off a handwritten check simply isn’t feasible in today’s fast-paced world. Make sure your residential real estate developer offers an easy way to pay online; when a company works with the consumer, you’re bound to have a more pleasant experience compared to other housing options.

2. They own a lot of properties
Small landlords tend to get invasive with their renters; with a larger company that owns over 30 properties, you can rest assured that you’ll get the help when you need it while you retain your privacy. With over 111 million renters that live in apartments, the guidelines for landlords are ever-expanding; you want to ensure your rental is protected, but not under constant surveillance.

Additionally, a landlord with a lot of properties gives you variety. It can be exhausting when you have to contact multiple landlords and property managers to view their off campus housing. By sticking with one developer, you’re able to get variety without overextending yourself.

3. There’s an app for that
If you want a truly customer-driven experience, look for a development group that utilizes an app. The ease of access will enable you to pick the best apartments for rent in Newark, DE, without having to leave the comfort of your bed. This is especially important for college students; if a business doesn’t offer online information regarding their space for lease, it shows that they’re unwilling to work with a college students’ needs. Look at properties anywhere, anytime, from any smartphone or tablet or computer. It’s just one of the ways the Lang Development Group hopes to improve your living experience in Delaware.

Choosing an off campus housing option is difficult, but looking for these qualities can make your final decision a little easier. For the best in off campus housing, consider visiting the Lang Development Group on their app or online.

rentalWhile it might seem you’re stuck to the activities on campus when you attend the University of Delaware, there are countless places around your off campus housing to explore. If you have a car, this gives you even more fun locations and scenic attractions to explore. Before you leave your Delaware rental, check out these three Delaware-only locations to snap a selfie or two.

1. The Roselle Center for the Arts
This location is the closest to campus. It highlights the wonderfully eclectic arts community in the University of Delaware. Located nearby the equally famous Wright House and the President’s House, the Roselle is an adventure all its own. This beautiful building bears witness to countless lectures and performances, often featuring the Resident ensemble Players. Not only is this a great way to support your fellow students, exploring the beautiful interior is worth the hike; snap some pictures of the gorgeous chandeliers and art displays before sitting in on a performance.

2. The Steampunk Treehouse
You’re not allowed inside, but bearing witness to this giant tree is worth the hour drive from your student housing. Local brewery, Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton snagged this giant, metal-welded tree in 2009. Not only was this tree built for Burning Man — you might have heard of this giant musical festival once or twice — but it also made an appearance at Coachella in 2008 after a slight rebuild.

The size of the room at the top of tree might even rival the size of your housing, at least if you’re on campus. Resting in the branches of the 40-foot tree the wooden accents blended with steel clockwork gives it a, well, steampunk vibe. Enjoy the view while you sip local brews (as long as you’re over 21).

3. The Gibraltar Gardens
Finally, something free and accessible. Beautiful gardens surround an abandoned mansion built in the 1840s. Now. it’s slowly being encompassed by climbing ivy, making it a focal point the beautiful gardens that surround it. The mansion is fun to explore if you’re interested in derelict buildings and it’ll make you feel much better about your on campus student housing options.

The gardens are the real highlight in this adventure however. While the mansion might be falling apart, the gardens are maintained to perfection by preservation organizations. The beautiful koi ponds, trees, flowers, and pathways make you feel like you feel like you’ve entered a fairytale: enter through a large wrought-iron gate and explore the gardens, greenhouse, and fountains that dot the estate before retiring to your cozy off campus rental.

Living in Delaware is an adventure all its own. If you don’t have access to these locations by car, there are always plenty of parks and museums situated by the housing options for students. When 33% of renters choose to move each year, finding perks around your new home is a necessity. No matter where your rental resides, Delaware is a location bursting with life.

housing options for studentsAs a college student, you will have to make a massive number of decisions, often for the first time: what classes to take, which internships to apply for, where to live. Consider these housing options when you’re trying to decide where you want to live.

Your college or university will likely have a number of housing options for students. If you’re a freshman, you’re likely going to live in dormitory-style housing with one roommate, or in a suite-style dorm with multiple roommates. The expenses of living there are all-included, consisting of rent, a meal plan, and laundry facilities.

This is often the most expensive form of housing and your college may require you to live on campus for the first couple of years as you adjust to the difficulties associated with the college transition. You may also be able to live in a more independent style of living if your college supplies townhouses on campus.

Off-campus housing options are often more affordable than the housing supplied by the campus. Nearly 87% of college students choose off-campus living options. Your rent will go directly to your landlord or property manager, and you have the freedom to buy your own food instead of relying solely on a meal plan.

Townhouse rentals are a popular form of real estate for students on a budget. These small houses or apartments have shared walls, but many amenities are often included. It’s likely you’ll get regular lawn maintenance, parking, and laundry, though these are not always offered. Regardless, your landlord should take care of any problems you have while living there, like plumbing or heating issues. This housing option is preferred among students because they usually have a lawn and offer more space than an apartment. Look for a real estate company that can help guide you in the right direction before you make any final decisions.

Apartments for students are another popular option: not only do many apartment building nearby campuses offer discounted rates for students, they’re often populated by the same people you have classes with. This type of living space is similar to a townhouse in that you have shared walls with multiple units, but apartments are usually a bit smaller in comparison.

Though they don’t often come with a lawn or recreational space, apartments are usually more affordable than townhouses and still come with the perks of relying on a landlord to fix any issues you might have with your rental.

If you don’t like the idea of walking up stairs or sharing walls with your neighbor, a house might be a great option for you. Whether you’re renting or buying a house, the number-one perk is that you don’t have to share your walls. Instead, you usually get a couple floors of living space and will likely have a lawn to play on. However, buying a house is likely not a realistic option for the student on a budget, and renting a home is often the most expensive form of off-campus housing. Try to limit the cost by living with roommates or cutting down on the costs of your amenities.

While there are many housing options for students, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Keep in mind that figuring out the best housing options for students is a difficult area to navigate and relying on professional help might be the way to go when you want to discuss your student housing options.