More people are choosing to live in apartments than ever before. According to The Rental Protection Agency, people between the age of 14-34 make up about 40.6% of the people that rent in the United States. Since 2020, according to the same group, apartment rentals have increased by 19%. More people are choosing to live […]

Finding the ideal space for lease can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. About 33% of people who rent move every year, either they move to a new apartment or a home, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Unfortunately, this means there is a lot of competition for the perfect space […]

Pets are an integral part of the family and the lives of the people who keep them. This makes it important to ensure their comfort and safety at all times. One crucial time at which you may need to take extra care of your pet is when you move to a new apartment. Both the […]

Moving can be made necessary for a number of reasons, but whatever the reason is, there are some basics that you should keep in mind. These should make it easy for you to move, whether it’s your first time moving or your fifth. Read on to see the three things you shouldn’t forget when moving […]

If you have a pet and are looking for an apartment, you might not be able to find a pet-friendly rental that accepts you and your furry friend. It’s important to do your research and find pet friendly apartments in your area. These apartments can help provide you with the accommodations you and your pet […]

According to Trend Statistics, the United States had more than 111 million people calling apartments their homes as of 2017, and it’s becoming an even more popular option. Young adults are more likely to rent, but sometimes, they stay too long in the place, which can get inconvenient. If you’ve been in one spot for […]

Renting versus buying might be one of the most discussed topics nowadays, and it has been tough for new generations to become homeowners. But rental prices are also increasing at alarming levels, which means that investing could be the smarter option. According to Trulia, American households in rented properties increased by 36.1% in 2006 and […]

According to the Rental Protection Agency, approximately 2,654 individuals enter the rental market daily in need of housing. Many of these individuals go through stress since apartment hunting can be difficult. For starters, they must assess the quality of a possible house based on a brief listing and walk-through. They would also need to pick […]

The rental industry, just like almost every other industry, was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The changes that it underwent may have slowed down, but their effects are still being felt by most. Whether you are a renter or a landlord, there are some things that will change in the future of the rental industry, […]

The debate over house vs. apartment living is a long-standing one. Deciding where to live during the day or rest your head every night can be daunting. But, people now realize the benefits of renting out an apartment. According to Census Bureau housing data in 2017, more American households are currently headed by renters than […]

According to the American Pet Association, there has been a 20% increase in the number of pet owners since 1988. Dogs are excellent companions. They are playful, affectionate, and always ready for some snuggles. The first thing you need to do to ensure you can live with your dog is to find a pet friendly […]

According to the American Homeowners Association, in 2017, people in the US rented about 43 million houses. When it comes to moving out, there are many things you have to consider. Some people may just be looking for a cheaper place to live. Others are likely on the hunt for something bigger and better. Moving […]

When you’re a student, finding affordable housing can be a challenge. According to data, only 21.5% of undergraduate students are able to find on-campus housing at the country’s major universities. This leaves a majority of students to fend for themselves in the student rentals market. Weighing the pros and cons of on-campus housing is key […]

If you’re looking for pet friendly apartments, it’s important to be aware of the warning signs that you should move out. According to a poll, around 85 million or 67% of all American homes have a pet. This means that finding pet friendly apartments is a top priority for many renters. However, pet friendly apartments […]

Are you considering an off-campus apartment? You aren’t alone. According to the New York Times, 87% of college students live off-campus. One of the major benefits of these student rentals is that they can be made into your own space. With the right decorations, it can be your place of rest in a hectic college […]

Living in an apartment off-campus is such a bold step that requires one to have all the necessary information regarding rental units for students around the area. According to and other financial experts, your monthly rent and utility bills should represent no more than 30% of your monthly net (after-tax) income. Rental units for students […]

There are several reasons why renting is more feasible for Americans right now than buying. For one thing, many millennials are younger and not quite sure about where they want to live for the long term. People are taking longer to find their permanent careers. Real estate prices are also rising, meaning that many people […]

There are two different options you can take when attending college. You can either live on campus, in a student dormitory; or you can live off-campus, either at home with your family (commuting) or in one of the apartments near college. While in the past it was more common for university students to live on […]

One dilemma that most students aren’t often prepared to face is whether they should stay in the dorm or look for an off-campus apartment. Most students now understand that off campus housing has many perks. According to a New York Times article, approximately 87% of students have lived off-campus since 2016. Here are the top […]

You are about to start or finish another year of school. Some of you might not get a dorm. But, you are still going to need a place to live. This is where you are going to need to look for an apartment. But you can’t dive into your apartment search blindly. So, keep these […]

According to the Rental Protection Agency, somewhere around 2,654 individuals are looking for rental properties to satisfy their need for affordable housing. With statistics like these, it is easy to see why more people are in the market for a rental property, especially apartments. One of the most prolific target groups for apartments is college […]

Rental properties are still in high demand in the new year. In fact, according to recent surveys of new college students, in the U.S., a new unit gets rented out every 80 seconds and a new renter moves into their new place every 30 seconds. With statistics like these, it is easy to see why […]

It seems like every year, apartments near college areas are in high demand. With the cost of rent skyrocketing in many areas, it’s hard to find a place that is both affordable and close enough to campus. This is why it’s important to ask the right questions when choosing a roommate. By doing so, you […]

If you plan to live in an off campus apartment, you will have to put down a security deposit. It is unlikely that you can avoid it. Therefore, you want to do everything you can while living there to ensure you will get your money back once the lease ends. Review these tips to place […]

Renting a new apartment can be so exciting. It might be a taste of independence or it might be a fresh start. No matter what your plans are, you need to make sure that you will be protected in your home. Before you sign your lease, make sure you know these four things. Can You […]

Living in a student rental does not mean you cannot save money. There are about 111 million people in the US that live in an apartment. Having a plan to save money while you live in a student rental can help you to build a nice nest egg. Start Tracking Your Expenses If you are […]

It’s a new world out there, and it can be hard to know where to start. Your recent experiences at college have given you valuable insight into what life might be like as you transition from living on campus to living off campus. As you make the transition, you’ll be able to settle into new […]

The majority of college students go off to school away from home. While some choose to stay in student dorms throughout their time in school, and some are required to spend at least part of their education on campus in dorms, others are able and prefer to stay in off campus housing. Off campus housing […]

How to Choose a Roommate The college experience is what you make of it. Part of this experience is your living situation. Roughly 2,654 individuals are in the rental market every day and in need of housing, according to the Rental Protection Agency. For many students, choosing off campus student housing is a huge step […]

So you’re a student and you’ve decided to get off campus housing for students. You’re one of 87% of students who live off campus, according to a 2016 New York Times article. Perhaps you had been living on-campus and decided it was time for a change, or perhaps you weighed the housing options and you’ll […]

In the United States, someone rents a new unit every 80 seconds. Also, a new tenant gets into a new apartment every half a minute. Some of these tenants are students. If you are a student and feel like you are ready for off campus housing for students, there are a few things to consider. […]

Approximately 33% of renters move each year. Some of them move because they realize that they made the wrong apartment choice. If you feel like you are in the wrong apartment and you want to move, it’s important to find the right size apartment for yourself so that you don’t keep moving. Here are some […]

Looking for the perfect off campus housing? You’re not alone. About 87% of students live in off campus housing according to a New York Times article published in 2016. For anyone attending school and living off campus, location is the most important thing when apartment hunting. Here’s why. Transportation There may be many beautiful apartments […]

Finding the perfect apartment shouldn’t be a hit and miss if you know what to look for. Fortunately, we have rounded up the top factors to consider when hunting for an apartment that’s right for you. Let’s get started. Pricing Pricing is an important factor to all renters, especially those who are starting out. The […]

Most pet owners do not view their pets as just animals they keep but valued family members. As such, it is essential when looking for new housing that you find something that’s pet friendly. However, it is important to note not all houses that allow pets are pet friendly. An estimated 33% of renters move […]

In 2017, more than 11 million individuals were renting an apartment in the United States. But the pandemic is transforming the commercial real estate sector in many different ways. In this article, we explore the trends to watch out for in the coming years. Changes in Building and Construction After the pandemic, property managers have […]

Making the big move from college dorm to off-campus housing is among the most significant decisions most students make. After finding the perfect apartment that suits student housing and reviewing the lease, the next challenging step is to make your move as comfortable and cost-friendly as it can get. Transitioning from dorm life to off-campus […]

Dorm rooms can feel confining. As a result, many college students would rather live off-campus because of the freedom and independence it comes with. But renting off-campus can be a tricky affair. It is estimated that 33% of renters move each year largely due to unmet expectations. Thus, before you move into Newark DE rentals, […]

College is coming up for high school graduates, and there are so many plans that have to be made if they get accepted. They are going to need school supplies, money to get through school, and a place to live. Planning your college years will take plenty of work. However, it does not have to […]

Off-campus housing options often boast affordable student rentals that provide housing options for students that want apartments near school without having to rely on campus housing. Today, many students are choosing off-campus housing as more and more housing options become available. In fact, according to a New York Times article from 2016, approximately 87% of […]

Across the United States, colleges and universities offer on-campus residences to their students and sometimes their faculty and staff. You probably think that you know campus housing pretty well, but how well, but how well do you know college life? Fact 1: Approximately 33% of students move each year, which is true for off-campus residents, […]

You may consider your pooch as part of your family. However, your potential landlord may not feel the same. A 2014 survey shows that up to 66% of pet owners have some difficulty finding rentals that accept pets. This issue may become complex as a student, as you may have to balance your studies, living […]

Thousands of students who choose to live off-campus are first-time renters. An important thing to note is that they are unlikely to have lived in the same house with a non-relative before. Such life adjustments can be overwhelming for many. Visiting Delaware student rentals and planning ahead is a smart move. Read on to learn […]

Approximately 2,654 individuals enter the rental market every day in need of housing, according to the Rental Protection Agency. Many of these renters are students, looking to find an apartment near school that is clean, spacious, and most importantly, affordable. While on-campus student housing options are plentiful, off-campus apartments offer a different kind of freedom […]

According to a New York Times report, more than 87% of college students choose housing outside campus. For many students, it is the first time living alone in another city away from home. While it can be an exciting time, there are also challenges. In this article, we’ll look at some tips for making the […]

Renting an apartment off-campus can be exciting, allowing you to enjoy flexibility regarding where and who you live with. While trying to avoid dorm life, most students tend to make rookie mistakes that cost them dearly. Here are four common pitfalls to avoid when you are deciding on Delaware student housing. 1. Falling in Love […]

You’ve decided that dorm life isn’t for you. You need a quiet place to study and one that lets you come and go as you please. It’s not surprising since 87% of students live off-campus, according to the New York Times. If you’re looking to move off-campus into an apartment, how do you know you […]

With burdens such as a heavy work-load, the pressure to figure out your life, and a limited budget, being a graduate student can be extremely difficult, which is why the last thing grad students should have to worry about is finding safe and affordable housing. Keep reading to discover some of the biggest advantages of […]

As a college kid, it’s intimidating to think about housing options, especially if you’ve never lived away from home before. If you’re comparing student housing to off campus housing options, we recommend the latter. While it’s tempting to launch a search for student housing near me, consider the perks of living off campus before settling […]

Changes in student accommodation needs have led to the growth of the commercial real estate industry. With 33% of renters moving annually, it is important to make your rental housing up to par to attract new tenants. Student housing options take up a huge part of commercial rentals in school districts. Read on to learn […]

According to the Rental Protection Agency, those between the ages of 15 and 34 make up about 40.6% of renters in the United States. Many of those who rent at a young age are in college investing in off campus apartments for students, which differ from university-provided dorms in a number of different ways. While […]

According to a New York Times article, nearly 87% of college students are living off-campus. While we many think of dorm rooms as the traditional place for students to stay, in truth, choosing to live in apartments near schools can have many benefits that can make the college experience a little more enjoyable. If you […]

If you’re starting college this year — either as a first-time student in a new city or an experienced student who wants to move off-campus this year — it’s important to start the search for your student rentals early. You aren’t the only one searching for off-campus housing; chances are that the demand is high. […]

Transitioning to college can be an exciting time. You get to move out and start an independent life. There are plenty of options available to consider for your university accommodation. If you are not comfortable with the college dorm life, you can opt for an off-campus apartment for students. Living off-campus offers you the flexibility […]

Transitioning to college life can be a difficult and tumultuous task. In many cases, it’s the very first time where you will be living away from home and away from your family. However, it is also an opportunity to grow in ways you never thought possible and to learn valuable life skills along the way […]

For many, adjusting to college life can be a challenge, especially for students who are oftentimes strapped for cash. Therefore, off campus housing is a viable option for many, as it proves more affordable than traditional dorms where a meal plan and other amenities are included in the price. Furthermore, off campus housing allows for […]

Whether you’re a freshman eager to begin the next phase of your education at a new university, or a returning student wondering what you should choose for housing this year, this post will help you decide whether you want to stick with dorm life or find affordable off campus apartments to rent. More people are […]

Since 2017, there have been over 111 million renters that like to call apartments home in the U.S. Apartments are actually great for young adults that are just starting out, especially when they are still in college. Living in an apartment community while attending college has many significant benefits. You have so many options including […]

Campus life is great and exciting except for the part where you have to share a small room with a stranger you call a roommate. Living on campus dormitories can be exhausting, especially if you are more of a private person who seeks private space. While you have all the freedom you want in campus, […]

The real estate industry in America has, in the recent past, grown by a considerable percentage due to the high demand for property ownership. Owning a home in Newark, Delaware, is everybody’s dream, but renting one seems to be the cheaper option. A 2016 study shows that close to 27% of families in America opted […]

Per the Rental Protection Agency, people aged between 15 to 34 comprise up to 40.6% of renters within the U.S. Really? Starting at the age of 15? How could this be possible? The answer is simple off campus student housing. Whether to live on-campus or off-campus is one of the biggest choices that students have […]

More college students than ever are making the choice to live in off-campus student housing. One of the many driving forces behind students choosing off-campus rentals is that they want to be able to have their furry companions live with them. A pet friendly apartment rental for student housing Newark DE students have found gives […]

Finding the best off-campus housing Newark DE has to offer requires that students who want to live off-campus move quickly. Finding a student rental off campus that is affordable and conveniently located can be like finding a pot of gold.   Making sure that you do not miss out on the opportunity means you have […]

In 2016, a New York Times article found that 87% of students lived off campus. Many students choose off campus housing because it provides them more freedom to set their own rules. While looking for an apartment can be a challenge, knowing what you need to consider can make the process easier. Keep the following tips in […]

A lot of new students make the mistake of thinking that their only housing option is to live on campus, the fact is you have the student housing Delaware area college students have been relying on for years. You can choose off campus apartments to call home. Going to college does not mean that you […]

More students than ever are finding that the perfect living arrangement for them is renting apartments near their school. Dorm life is not for everyone. Apartments near their school can be the perfect option. Finding the perfect apartment for students is something you want to get started early on. Apartments nearby to campus go quickly. […]

When people think of students living away from home to go to college, many conjure the image of a dorm. But there are off campus housing options available for students as well, and in some cases, this may be far preferable. Sometimes, it’s a much better environment for students to learn independence and live off […]

Going off to college can be scary for anyone including first-time students, returning students, and even professors. You’re probably leaving behind friends, family, and your home. You’re going to have to adjust to a new way of life, make new friends, and possibly have more difficult classes than you’re used to. But don’t worry—there are […]

Going to college is a life-changing event with many options and perks that go well beyond living on campus. Of course, living on campus is a hallmark of being a freshman and you should try it just so you can see why living off campus is better. Student housing DE will open a plethora of […]

Whether you’re ready to start living off campus or you’re setting out on your own, there are lots of times in life when it’s time for a new apartment. But there’s a lot more to consider than the number of bedrooms. When you’re searching for a new apartment, make sure you’re doing it the right […]

As of 2017 in the U.S., there were over 111 million renters that rented apartments and called them home. A lot of those rentals were secured by college students ready for living off campus. While living in college dorms is convenient, it is not always the best living choice for everyone. There is a huge […]

One of the best ways to establish your independence and individuality in college is to move into off campus housing. Not only does off campus housing give you more freedom but it also gives you the chance to optimize your college-living experience with a furry friend. But before you visit your local animal shelter, it’s […]

Many college students will be moving into off campus apartments after the winter break. If you’re one of them, you should know that you will probably have to put down a security deposit on your rental. A security deposit amount can range from the equivalent of one month’s rent to six months’ worth of rent […]

Many students choose off-campus housing options to best meet their needs. Ensuring that you are getting the DE rental option that will meet yours starts with considering exactly what your housing needs are   How do you see yourself living off-campus? Do you see yourself living with a pet? Then you need to be sure […]

It’s no secret that living in off-campus housing can give you more freedom, space, and responsibility than living in a dorm. But even after you’ve made the decision to live off-campus, you need to ask yourself whether you should live in off-campus student housing or in a traditional rental apartment.   To help you make […]

One of the worst things about living on campus is the fact that you can not have your pet with you. A pet friendly apartment can be a game changer. You can take your pup or your cat with you to college if you live off-campus in a pet friendly apartment. There are of course […]

Searching for “student housing near me” could lead you in lots of different directions. Even when you’re looking for student housing, you could find yourself miles away from campus. Sometimes, the phrase is used kind of the same way clickbait works: it’s meant to lure you in. There are lots of apartments for rent that […]

There are several reasons more and more students are deciding that living off-campus is the better deal. A new apartment off campus can be an affordable option for students, and deliver better living conditions than staying on campus. Making housing decisions about where you will live is one of the main concerns of most students. […]

Off-campus student rentals are very popular. In 2016 it was reported that 87% of students did not live on campus they opted for off campus housing options. Why are students choosing to live off-campus in student rentals instead of on campus? There are different reasons students choose off-campus apartments instead of living on campus. Off-campus […]

For college students getting ready to rent their first off campus apartment, it can be tricky to navigate the apartment rental waters. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, there are many factors you want to be aware of when renting. Unfortunately, students who are looking for off campus apartments for the first time are […]

As of 2017, 11 million Americans called their apartments home. It’s a convenient living situation that offers many benefits. Of course, for college students, apartments are often the only practical living option. And for local students here in Newark, DE, finding the best student apartments for rent near the University of Delaware can be a […]

Approximately 33% of renters move every year; this behavior is especially common among college students, most of whom live in off campus apartments. When you’re constantly packing up and relocating, turning that simple student rental unit into a home can be quite difficult. Whether you’re moving into student housing or a brand-spankin’ new apartment across […]

Today’s young people love to rent. Studies have found that 65% of households headed by those under the age of 35 were renting — a 57% increase from the previous decade. Although many are students interested in living off campus, a great number of new apartments are going to individuals who have graduated and are […]

Renting your home is one of the oldest ways or providing a roof over ones head. Even in ancient times, people rented, and the tradition continues today. As a matter of fact, in America, about 27% of citizens rented their home in 2016. Among the largest growing groups of people are students. Students come in […]

College Housing For freshman and seniors alike, finding the right housing for college is an important aspect of your university experience. The right student housing experience can enhance your experience by providing a great social atmosphere, convenient location, and good roommates. The wrong student apartments can likewise be a wrench in an otherwise great year. […]

Record numbers of students are attending college, and student housing is an element of concern globally. This is because the students seeking to be housed come from far and wide. Students from China, India, Europe, Hong Kong, and Latin America are all coming to U.S. colleges. In most cases, they have not traveled to the […]

According to the Rental Protection Agency, 40% of U.S. renters are between the ages of 15 and 34. Students comprise a large portion of this demographic, with many of them choosing to move out of their college dorms and into off campus student housing. This change can be both exciting and overwhelming — as this […]

Contrary to traditional college life, more and more students decide to live away from their University campuses than before. It helps to build independence more than living on campus, and they do not have to abide by University housing rules. For example, students attending a dry campus can have alcohol in their off campus apartments […]

For many students, senior year sneaks up on you. All of a sudden you’re preparing yourself for ingress into the ‘real world,’ while also trying to balance your thesis, internships, and living your best life. Throw a beloved pet into the mix, and the entire affair may become overwhelming. Just by having a sweet dog, […]

As a college student, you may have a lot of housing options in the Newark, DE area. You probably are sick of dorm life, so renting one of the off-campus apartments could be a good choice for your lifestyle and needs as a student. Off-campus housing may be your first venture into the world of […]

Are you thinking of stepping away from dorm life and renting an apartment for the rest of your college career? There are a lot of off campus housing options out there for those looking to change it up, and living off campus comes with a lot of advantages. Learn more about the benefits off campus […]

Going to college can be an exciting time for students just starting out. There’s plenty to plan for: registering for classes, picking out your supplies, and deciding where to live. When you’re trying to pick a place to live during your college days, it can be easy to default to dorm room living, but don’t […]

Renting your first off campus apartment during college can be incredibly exciting. You’re finally going to be living in a space that’s truly your own; for many students, this represents a first real taste of freedom. But are you actually ready to be living off campus? Use these five tips to rent your first off […]

The Rental Protection Agency estimates that more than 2,600 people enter the rental market every day in search of a place to live. In fact, every 80 seconds, a new unit is rented. That’s especially true if you’re a college student. A New York Times article from 2016 found that nearly 90% of college students […]

Living in an off campus student apartment is an often indulgent experience: after all, you’re finally independent, you have your own room, you live in pet friendly housing, and you’re not constricted to paying for an overpriced meal plan. Here’s how to stay healthy when you’re living off campus in Delaware student housing: Shop often Though it […]

Owning a house with a white picket fence is a dream for many, but a new study by Freddie Mac claims that nearly 80% of renters find that renting is a more affordable option. This sentiment is shared by renters spanning every generation, but this opinion has only increased in the last six months. Among […]

Living in off campus apartments often seems like temporary housing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t craft the perfectly cozy college apartment of your dreams! Make the most of your time living off campus — follow these tips and tricks to make living off campus all the more enjoyable.   Get a coffee table   […]

Finding the right off campus housing options can seem like running on a treadmill; while you’re putting in all the effort, you’re not really going anywhere. Here are some essential tips for finding the best off campus housing options.   Start the search early Many college students begin looking for off campus housing options nearly […]

When it comes to everyday living, you might not notice a huge change between living off campus or relying on suite-style student housing. With off campus housing options, however, you’re opening up a new world of possibilities you may not have ever considered. Here are some of the little-known perks of looking for student rentals […]

Choosing your first apartment as a college student is an exciting time. You round up a troupe of your friends, make a list of the best apartments for rent in Newark DE, and go on your first tours. But it isn’t all fun and games. Before you look into student rental units, there are important […]