Lang Cares Foundation: A Beacon of Community Support in Newark, Delaware

In the city of Newark, Delaware, where commerce meets community, Lang Development Group stands as a prominent figure in both. For over two decades, Lang Development Group has shaped the city’s skyline and also worked to enrich the lives of its residents. At the heart of this commitment lies the Lang Cares Foundation, a conduit for philanthropy and community support.

Established in January 2022, the Lang Cares Foundation serves as the philanthropic arm of Lang Development Group, extending its reach beyond property management and development to empower local organizations, individuals, and families. With a focus on scholarship programs, community drives, charity events, and various other initiatives, Lang Cares Foundation aims to foster positive change and uplift those in need within the community it proudly calls home.

Central to Lang Cares Foundation’s mission is the desire to make a tangible difference in the lives of Newark residents. By partnering with local organizations and allocating resources where they are needed most, the foundation embodies the spirit of corporate social responsibility. Jeff and Karyn Lang, alongside their family members and business partners, have spearheaded this endeavor, demonstrating a commitment to giving back to the community while leaving an indelible impact on the citizens of Newark.

Lang Development Group’s longstanding presence in Newark has afforded them a deep understanding of the community’s needs and aspirations. Through strategic partnerships and targeted philanthropic efforts, Lang Cares Foundation seeks to address these needs in meaningful ways, ensuring that every contribution leaves a lasting impression.

One of the initiatives of Lang Cares Foundation is its annual Future Community Leaders scholarship program at Newark Charter School and Christiana High School for students who have demonstrated success and commitment in both their classrooms and communities.  (Congratulations to 2024 recipients Cassidy Lawhorn, Krish Shajpaul, and Max McCaffery!). The foundation has also collaborated with Wilmington Head Start to provide enriching summer camps, nurturing the development of young minds and fostering a love for learning about and caring for nature.

Beyond education, Lang Cares Foundation extends its support to a host of local organizations, including but not limited to SL24: UnLocke the Light, Newark PAL, Chapel Street Players, and Delaware Dance Company. By investing in the arts, sports, and community development, the foundation underscores its commitment to holistic growth and empowerment.

In addition, Lang Development Group’s annual contributions to organizations such as DFRC-Blue Gold, Food Bank of Delaware, and Ronald McDonald House of Delaware exemplify its dedication to making a difference on both local and regional scales. With Lang Cares Foundation, these efforts are magnified, amplifying the impact and fostering a culture of giving that permeates throughout the community.

As Lang Cares Foundation continues to evolve and expand its reach, it remains steadfast in its commitment to serving as a catalyst for positive change in Newark and beyond. Through compassion, collaboration, and unwavering dedication, the foundation embodies the idea of corporate citizenship, proving that true success is measured not only by financial prosperity but by the lives touched and communities transformed.

Lang Cares Foundation stands as a shining example of the profound impact that can be achieved when businesses embrace their role as stewards of social good. In the journey towards a brighter tomorrow, Lang Cares Foundation helps light the way, illuminating a path of hope, opportunity, and resilience for all who call Newark home.

Learn more by visiting the Lang Cares Foundation website here

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