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Bringing Your Pooch To College? Find Pet Friendly Apartments

More college students than ever are making the choice to live in off-campus student housing. One of the many driving forces behind students choosing off-campus rentals is that they want to be able to have their furry companions live with them.

A pet friendly apartment rental for student housing Newark DE students have found gives them the freedom to have the pets that keep them grounded while they are in college. It can be the ideal housing arrangement for any student that has a pet that has to come to college with them.

Pet Friendly Apartment Rentals Go Quick

There is a high demand for pet friendly apartments. They are often the first type of apartments to be rented out. Pet friendly housing is highly sought after. A lot of students find that their pets bring them comfort and help to reduce stress, and they want to keep them with them while they get their education.

Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, pets are banned in on campus housing. Students have only one choice if they want to keep their pets with them, and that is to choose pet friendly apartments for students. With limited options you can see why it is critical to find your pet friendly apartment early on.

Secure Your Spot

The absolute best time to secure your pet friendly housing is now. Student rental units are typically rented out quickly. About 33% of apartment dwellers move every year, many of them are on a hunt for a pet friendly student apartment.

When you find a rental that allows pets, you want to move quickly to ensure, it does not go to the next person on the list. Here are a few tips to ensure you get the housing you need for you and your pet:

  • Start your search early. Ideally, you will start looking for a rental the semester before you hope to move. People graduate and they move out. A little pre-planning can help you to take the apartments as they become vacant.
  • Don’t hesitate. If you find an apartment for rent that allows pets, do not hesitate to put that deposit down. Until you put the deposit down that apartment remains up for grabs and you may lose out.
  • Sign the lease as soon as possible. Don’t waffle on signing the lease. Lay your claim to the space as soon as possible.

Moving quickly will ensure that you get the rental that you need.

What You Need To Know About Pet Friendly Apartments

In most cases you will have to pay a “pet deposit”. The price of the deposit will vary from location to location. In many cases, you will also have to pay a small amount in addition to your regular rent for your pet. The cost can range but it is usually not expensive.

If the goal is to keep your pet with you in college, a pet friendly apartment is just the ticket.

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