6 Practical Techniques for Selecting the Best Apartments Near a School

The real estate industry in America has, in the recent past, grown by a considerable percentage due to the high demand for property ownership. Owning a home in Newark, Delaware, is everybody’s dream, but renting one seems to be the cheaper option. A 2016 study shows that close to 27% of families in America opted to live in rented homes instead of buying.

Schools in Newark have in recent years experienced an influx in the number of admissions. These numbers have limited the availability of accommodation within the institutions. Finding apartments near school can be frustrating, but it can be done. Here are tips to guide you in locating the best off-campus apartments in Newark, Delaware.

Available Infrastructure

Education and infrastructure are two things that go hand in hand. Infrastructure, in this case, will involve aspects of communication, connectivity, and transportation. Newark has an excellent transportation network, but this doesn’t mean that all rental units for students are accessible.

Off-campus housing units for students need to be accessible by road, rail, or both. The availability of a transportation network makes it easy to access school in good time. Apart from the issue of transport, communication is part and parcel of an average student.

Apartments near school should be equipped with the internet. Learners are required to interact with their lecturers more often. These interactions occur on social media, which makes it necessary to have access to a stable internet connection.

Exact Location

While affordability is a crucial factor to consider when looking for apartments near school, it should never overshadow the location aspect. The distance between the flats and the school is vital.

Newark has several apartments for rent. Finding the right one is, however, a matter of search and visiting these apartments in person. Unless you are familiar with the area, avoid online real estate transactions. Physical inspection will help you make an informed decision about the housing unit pick.

Additionally, Newark has numerous student housing options. The options available give you a chance to choose what works best for you. Go for apartments near school and have other essential amenities such as hospitals in the surrounding.

Attached Costs

Rental units for students are fully furnished with gas, air conditioning, electricity, and water. All these fall under utility costs and are separate from the rent you pay. Most Delaware student rentals charge these utilities at a standard rate while, in others, the price differs depending on the usage.

Whichever the case, inquire about the attached costs before settling on one. Utilities will facilitate your life as a student, but this doesn’t mean that you should be overcharged. If possible, there has to be proof that, indeed, you have used these utilities.

Go for New Apartments

Real estate developers in Newark, Delaware are working around the clock to create enough rental units for students. A new apartment is always the priority for an intelligent student. These apartments have low prices due to low demand in the initial stages.

Additionally, these apartments have the best amenities and facilities there can be. By the time a Newark student housing unit is being constructed, all factors, including students’ tastes, are put into consideration. New apartments, therefore, present the best housing options for an average student.

Terms of Use

Similar to any other individual, students, too, have emotions and have an attachment to their pets. Unfortunately, not all apartments near school allow you to live with your pet. If you belong to this category, you have to go the extra mile and look for pet-friendly apartments.


The cost of a student rental unit should be the last thing to consider. This consideration comes after a particular housing unit has passed all other tests. Avoid peer pressure and live in areas that you can afford. After all, this apartment is not an investment but a rental unit.

Final Word

Finding appropriate apartments near school is a lengthy process that needs early arrangements. Look for student rental units during holidays when some learners have vacated their houses. Contact us today for more information on student housing in Newark, Delaware.

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