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Why Pet Friendly Apartments Are a Common Trend

You’ve probably noticed lately that more apartment complexes are marketing themselves as pet friendly. Allowing cats, dogs, and other furry friends has become a popular policy. What accounts for the rise of the pet friendly apartment? There are several factors driving this trend.

Pets Are Family

Pet ownership rates continue to climb across the United States. According to Spots, since 1988, pet ownership has increased by 20%. Dogs and cats are increasingly seen as family members rather than just property. People become very attached to their animal companions. Naturally, when it’s time to move into a new rental, pet owners want to bring their pets along. To attract tenants, landlords are adjusting no-pet policies.

Pets Offer Health Benefits

Studies show that living with pets provides significant mental and physical health benefits. Petting a cat can lower blood pressure, dogs encourage their owners to exercise by walking them, and caring for pets builds empathy in children. Beyond that, pets have been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and feelings of loneliness. The companionship of an animal can lift people’s moods and give them a sense of purpose. With greater awareness of the health perks of having an animal, outright pet bans seem unreasonable to many renters.

Pet Rent or Fees Can Offset Costs

In the past, some landlords worried about property damage and extra cleaning costs from allowing pets. However, most pet-friendly apartments today offset these potential expenses by charging monthly pet rent, fees, or pet deposits. This extra revenue helps cover any costs associated with four-legged tenants. Knowing they can recoup pet-related costs makes landlords more amenable to the idea of allowing pets.

Pet Amenities

Simply allowing pets isn’t enough for some apartments anymore. To stand out, they’re adding amenities targeted specifically at animal owners, like dog parks, grooming stations, and walking services. These pet perks can give an apartment community a competitive advantage. They show renters that the property truly welcomes and accommodates pets.

Property managers recognize they need to keep up with the trend of pet ownership to attract renters in a competitive market. As more households include cats, dogs, or other animals, pet-friendly policies will likely continue becoming the norm at apartment complexes across the country. If you’re looking for a pet friendly apartment, you’re in luck. Call today at Lang Development Group to book a tour of our pet friendly apartment complex in Delaware.

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