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6 Qualities Any Good Landlord Will Have

Finding the ideal house is about much more than finding your dream home or a great location. Having an esteemed landlord makes a world of difference. You can have the perfect home but want to leave immediately because the owner is making things difficult. Instead of taking a chance, look for these qualities in a landlord.

1. Prompt Maintenance

According to The Zebra, 77% of adults prefer renting to buying a home. These renters depend on their landlords to ensure repairs are made in a prompt and orderly manner. Owners also ensure that the house is safe and secure. Plumbing should work properly, and the house should always have the basics. When tenants contact the property manager, they should get a prompt response regarding maintenance issues.

2. Standard Pest Control

Pest control is common in urban apartments. If one tenant moves into an apartment with pests, the infestation can spread to nearby rooms easily. This can be horrifying for residents. A confident landlord will have a plan to address infestation issues to ensure tenants can live in a sanitary environment.

3. Clear Communication

Tenants should always be able to have easy access to the owner. There should be clear communication channels and ensure tenants know their preferred communication method, whether email or text message. Allowing easy mediums of communication in the case of emergency or structure issues is a great quality an owner should provide.

4. Professional Attitude

There should be mutual respect between the renter and the landlord. The relationship between a tenant and owner is professional and should be treated as such. There should be respected personal boundaries and avoid foul language when speaking with tenants. This includes communication regarding sensitive matters.

5. Establish Policies

A structured set of policies should be in place regarding most issues. For example, many landlords have late payment policies, including a fine if the rent is not paid on time. Requesting maintenance is also among the top concerns tenants should consider when moving into an apartment. These policies should be structured, ensuring fluent interactions between both parties.

6. Property Guidelines

Property guidelines are necessary for keeping the space organized. This is particularly true for tenants renting an apartment that has shared amenities. Good landlords will explain policies regarding amenities, waste removal, and anything else you need to know before renting a house or apartment.

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