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Apartment Tour Checklist: What to Look For

Are you beginning the process of renting an apartment? You’re in good company. Approximately 33% of renters move each year to either an apartment for rent or a new home, according to HomeData. An apartment tour is crucial to your rental decision, and, in fact, could even be crucial to your safety as well. In this blog, we discuss a basic apartment checklist of items you should evaluate before signing a rental agreement.

Examine Each Room

There are a few general items you should evaluate in each room of the apartment. These would include the floors, walls, and ceiling for water damage or mold. You should attempt to open and close every window and door to make sure nothing sticks and that the locks work. This is a safety issue, as you need to be able to open a window to get out in case of a fire and lock a window to keep out intruders. Plug your phone into every outlet, too, to verify that all outlets work. You should also check the smoke alarms and ask about fire safety.

Check Out the Kitchen and Bathroom

As you get into other parts of the apartment, the kitchen and bathroom will be important to study top to bottom. Sinks and drains need to be running and draining properly. You should also ask to see if the dishwasher is running properly, as well as, any other appliances that are included. Make sure to look through every cabinet and drawer to ensure everything is in proper working order.

Bring a Tape Measurer

Be sure to go on the tour with a tape measure so that you can check to see that your furniture will fit as you’ve imagined it will. You should measure your furniture before going to the apartment, be ready with those measurements, and then compare those to the actual spaces in the apartment. This can be a really big issue if you move in and discover things don’t fit in the apartment or through the doorway.

Test the AC and Heating Equipment

You also want to check to see if the AC and heat are working as well. Ask to have the AC turned on so that you can feel the airflow and then do the same for the heating. Pay attention to any strange smells or noises coming from the system.

It’s also a good idea to check out the amenities such as the laundry, pool, and common areas. If you’re interested in touring a high-quality apartment complex, choose Lang Development Group. Contact us today to schedule your own apartment tour!

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