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What to Know Before Moving Into a Pet Friendly Apartment

One thing many students and young adults want to do when they’re out on their own is get a pet. This decision requires moving into a pet friendly apartment. This can bring a few changes to the move-in procedure and the occupants’ budgets, and it’s crucial that they keep an eye on that. According to financial experts and college budgeting advice from BestColleges, monthly costs like rent and utilities should not take more than 30% of an after-tax budget. Pet costs can upend that if the pet owners aren’t careful.

Pet Deposits and Pet Rent

First, having a pet in an apartment often requires that you pay a deposit specifically for the pet, and then pay pet rent. That can cost over two hundred dollars per month. Sometimes the exact figures vary by type of pet, and they can apply to individual pets, meaning that if you have two cats, you’ll pay two deposits and two additional pet-rent amounts. If you want pets but are also watching your rent budget, look for a pet friendly apartment that doesn’t charge pet rent, or at least one that charges only one amount no matter how many pets you have.

Being Charged for Damage

Pets don’t cause damage on purpose; it just kind of happens. Stains appear on carpets, and pet hair tends to show up everywhere. Because of that, you can expect to be charged for any damage to the apartment that is due to the pet, when you move out. If you’re lucky, you’ll only lose part of your deposit. However, there is the risk that you’ll be charged more than your deposit, meaning you’ll owe money after you move out. You’ve got to account for this in your budget before you get a pet.

Pet Ownership Costs and Your Budget

Simply owning a pet, even if you don’t have to pay pet rent and can fix all damage yourself, can be very expensive due to care costs. You’ll need to get scratching posts for cats, for example, to protect the carpet and doors from a bored cat’s claws. Vet costs can throw your budget out of whack, making it difficult for you to afford the rent. The list goes on, and you have to be sure your budget can cover these.

If you’re looking for a pet friendly apartment and are sure you’re going to get a pet, start asking about requirements like pet rent. Double and triple-check your budget to ensure your rent and the pet costs won’t conflict. Call Land Development Group to find your pet friendly apartment today!

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