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Why are Apartments Becoming More and More Popular?

More people are choosing to live in apartments than ever before. According to The Rental Protection Agency, people between the age of 14-34 make up about 40.6% of the people that rent in the United States. Since 2020, according to the same group, apartment rentals have increased by 19%. More people are choosing to live in apartments and here is why.

It’s Convenient

The old real estate saying “location, location, location is everything” rings true for many apartment dwellers. They choose to live in an apartment because it is conveniently located near their job or their school. Many people are tired of wasting time on long commutes. They prefer to live near work, schools, shopping centers, medical facilities, and entertainment venues. The money that can be saved on gas and transportation costs is significant when you rent an apartment in the right location.

It’s Worry Free

Many people do not want the stress of home ownership or even renting a home. When you own a home, the cost of maintenance can be high. Most of the time when you rent a house, you take on some of the responsibility for the upkeep. Apartment living is worry-free when it comes to maintenance and repairs. If something breaks, you put it in a work order and it is repaired at no cost to you. Snow removal, taking care of common areas, and more falls on the property management team, not on the renter.

It Comes With No Long-Term Commitments

Apartment living is appealing to people because they can try out different areas instead of being stuck in one location for 30 years. A one-year lease can be just enough of a commitment to determine if you are happy in the building. It’s freeing for many people not to feel obligated to or stuck in one location. It is an ideal way to live for many people.

If you are considering renting an apartment in the near future to be closer to work, school, or both, you should act quickly. The market for apartments is highly competitive right now. As more people evaluate the benefits of apartment living, more people are choosing this option. Act now to reserve your apartment. Call us today.

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