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5 Reasons Why Students Should Try Living Off Campus

off campus apartment

College is coming up for high school graduates, and there are so many plans that have to be made if they get accepted. They are going to need school supplies, money to get through school, and a place to live. Planning your college years will take plenty of work. However, it does not have to be a nightmare. There are many tricks and tips to help with college life. Let’s start with looking for a place to live. Your best bet would be to try an off campus apartment. According to a New York Times article from 2016, 87% of students live off campus, and it is easy to understand why after looking at the benefits. Here are five reasons that you are better off living off-campus.

More Freedom

Dorms in general can feel like a sleep-away camp, but there are strict rules that you have to follow at times. There might be a time to turn off the lights and go to sleep. There are rules with having people stay over for the night. Plus, there are rules for what you can bring to the dorm. With an off campus apartment, you are granted a little more freedom with your living space. Sure, there are some rules that you will still have to follow, but living off-campus isn’t as strict as living in a dorm.

More Space

In the past, dorms have been small. Some of them are smaller than a hallway bathroom. It just depends on how the building is built. This isn’t good if you have large furniture moving in with you. With an apartment, you will have more space to move around in. It helps that apartments are usually empty when people first move in. When you live in an off campus apartment, you will be able to move in any large furniture that you could be bringing with you.


You are about to enter your 20s, so it is about time for you to get used to living on your own. An off campus apartment can help you achieve this. You will get the feeling of living on your own for the first time. You will have to be in charge of paying your bills, calling for maintenance, and shopping for your basic needs. It may be challenging at first, but you will find it rewarding when you get used to it.

Saving the Money

Let’s face it, college alone will eat up most of your money. Your temporary place of living should not be part of the reason that you go into debt. Roommates can help with paying rent. You can also keep track of how much your rent and utilities are. Learning how to cook can also help you save on a meal plan and eating out.


This one is a must. In an off campus apartment, you get your own room and bathroom. You don’t have to have a roommate in your room. Plus when you are having out for the day, you can lock your door with your own key. The only things that you will have to share are the kitchen, public rooms, and the washer and dryer. Having your own room will cut down on the stress of college life.

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