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5 Tips for Finding the Right Pet-Friendly Student Apartments

You may consider your pooch as part of your family. However, your potential landlord may not feel the same. A 2014 survey shows that up to 66% of pet owners have some difficulty finding rentals that accept pets. This issue may become complex as a student, as you may have to balance your studies, living your best life, and caring for your pet. Here are five tips that you can use to find pet friendly student apartments in Delaware.

1. Take Advantage of Technology

You can use the hundreds of online tools to filter out off-campus housing units that do not accept pets. It can make it easier to narrow down your search to rental units for students that do not have an issue with tenants living with their animals. Most online directories allow you to input your preferred location and amenities, providing you with a list of pet friendly student apartments that match your criteria.

2. Find Out if You Qualify for a Support Animal

70% of renters own at least one pet. Some pets are emotional support animals and service animals, prescribed for by medical professionals. A valid ESA letter can allow you to live in any student housing, even if the agreement prohibits pets. Besides, you may not be subject to any pet fees.

3. Learn About Pet Restrictions and Local Regulations

You may need to brush up on the pet policies of the potential pet friendly student apartments that you wish to move into. Some common restrictions include the number of pets, weight restrictions, and pet aggression. Every real estate management may have a unique pet policy for their pet friendly student rental.

4. Craft a Pet Resume

Sounds weird, right? However, the limited number of pet-friendly student apartments means that there may be cut-throat competition to find acceptable lease space. You can build a pet resume that includes the pet’s name, photo, breed, weight, health documents proving vaccinations, and training certifications, if any. You may also add recommendations from previous trainers, dog walkers, or vets that can testify to your pet’s conduct. If the landlord still has any doubts, you can request a face-to-face meeting to quell their fears.

5. Offer to Pay Pet Fees or Deposit

Far more often than not, you may have to pay a premium for tagging along with your canine or feline friend. Some cities place a limit on the maximum fees you may have to pay. Find out how much you may need to part with for a deposit or one-off payment. However, do not let the landlord exploit you through high charges. You may also consider pet insurance if you have an aggressive breed. Landlords to off-campus student apartments are much more likely to issue a lease agreement to an insured pet.

Finding a pet friendly apartment may be a difficult task, especially as a student. Lang Development Group owns and manages a number of off-campus student apartments in Newark, DE, including pet friendly ones. Contact us to check out our properties to find the right fit for you and your furry friend.

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