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Student Housing Vs. Regular Rentals: What’s The Best Choice For Living Off Campus?

It’s no secret that living in off-campus housing can give you more freedom, space, and responsibility than living in a dorm. But even after you’ve made the decision to live off-campus, you need to ask yourself whether you should live in off-campus student housing or in a traditional rental apartment.


To help you make the decision that works best for you, here are a few reasons why student housing may be the better option than choosing a regular rental while you’re still in college.


Student housing provides you with community and support


When you live in a regular rental, you’re surrounded by a wide variety of different people. According to the Rental Protection Agency, it’s estimated that those between the ages of 15 and 34 make up 40.6% of renters in the United States.


While you may be able to make friends with a few of your neighbors here and there, you won’t be able to get the sense of community and support that you would otherwise find in off-campus housing.


When you live in off-campus housing, you’re surrounded by fellow students. This provides you with the bonding experiences you need and the valuable support network you want.


Student housing lets you sign your own lease


It may not sound like an advantage to sign your own individual lease. But signing your own lease rather than sharing a lease with roommates actually provides you with more protection.


If you signed a joint lease with two roommates on a regular rental and your roommates decide to leave in the middle of the school year, you’d be on the hook for the entire rent of the unit. If you’re only leasing your own room in an off-campus apartment, you don’t need to worry about what might happen if a roommate moved out unexpectedly.


Living off-campus will help you save money


Regular rentals when you’re living in the city aren’t cheap. You might need to work a part-time job alongside your schooling to pay for the rent.


Off-campus housing is often cheaper than a regular apartment, so you can focus more on your studies and less on keeping up with your monthly costs.


Considering your off campus housing options?


If you’re looking for student housing near UD, you’re not alone. In fact, according to a 2017 analysis of Census Bureau housing data conducted by Pew Research Center, more U.S. households are headed by renters now than at any other point since 1965.


Lang Development Group offers student housing in Delaware, including pet friendly apartments for students. To learn more about our off campus apartments, contact Lang Development Group today.

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