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Top Benefits of Off Campus Housing

College Housing

For freshman and seniors alike, finding the right housing for college is an important aspect of your university experience. The right student housing experience can enhance your experience by providing a great social atmosphere, convenient location, and good roommates. The wrong student apartments can likewise be a wrench in an otherwise great year.

According to the New York Times (2016), over 85% of college students choose to live off campus. That figure has surged over the last several years, showing that off campus housing is by far the most popular choice among college students. This is especially true of Delaware student housing. Delaware student housing has significant off campus options from pet friendly student apartments to student rental units. Here are some of the main reasons why off campus Delaware student housing is so popular:

Benefits of Off Campus Housing

Increased Living Space and Personal Space: It is no secret that many of the on campus student apartments are very crowded and limited in space. Sharing a dorm room with a roommate can make it feel especially cramped. Maybe it’s a good experience to break into college as a freshman . . . but other than that, the cramped living quarters aren’t that great. University of Delaware student housing has plenty of off campus options that are much larger and offer private rooms. Each apartment includes a real kitchen, private bedroom options, a living room, and additional storage space. These living spaces are much easier to hang out in and have a good time.

Better Life Experience: A big part of attending college is the opportunity to live on your own and gain some real world experience. Living off campus is a great way to experience what living on your own in the “real world” is like. You will be in charge of new responsibilities such as: paying rent and utilities, cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, etc. Additionally, it will be a great opportunity to learn how to negotiate and understand lease contracts and develop relationships with professionals such as your property manager, landlord, and maintenance crew. Also, just like building good credit is important to eventually purchasing a house, building a good rental history is important to finding other apartments in the future.

Cost Effectiveness: As odd as it might sound, off campus housing is often significantly cheaper than on campus options. Of course, because of how much variety there is in off campus housing, there will certainly be premium rentals that are more expensive. But the point is that no matter what your budget is, off campus housing for Delaware student housing has plenty of price points to match your needs. Do some research and find out the pros and cons of each area. Consider how far the closest grocery store, gym, or campus bus stop is. Figure out which amenities are included or not included (such as a washer and dryer).

Set Your Own Rules: On campus housing comes with a plethora of rules. Curfews, guest restrictions, and pet restrictions are just a few that come to mind. Resident Advisors (the infamous RA), are also always around policing students and enforcing the rules. When you live off campus, in your own apartment, you set the rules. You decide when it’s quiet time and when it is party time. Each apartment will have its own rules of course (like don’t harass your neighbors), but off campus apartment rules are much less strict than their on campus counterparts.

Amenities Access: Perhaps one of the most difficult things about living in the doors is the lack of amenities. No hot tub. No dishwasher (or kitchen in many cases!). No private washer and dryer (gotta haul to the laundromat). Off campus apartments give full access to amenities. Free Wi-Fi, a study lounge, pool and hot tub, washers and dryers in your apartment, and even free gym access. Additionally, off campus housing will naturally put you closer to the grocery store, restaurants, parks, and other places of interest in Delaware. This will allow you more freedom to explore and experience the area.

There is no doubt about it, off campus housing is the way to go.

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