As a student in a different city or state, life isn’t always easy. From syncing with roommates to establishing your own habits, you have a lot to deal with; finding a suitable off campus housing option shouldn’t be a part of your top concerns. Unfortunately, it usually is.

Though you’ll find yourself facing a variety of options when it comes to UD off campus housing, not all of them are ideal; as a company involved in many local activities that support the local Newark area, Lang Development Group is happy and proud to offer you a place to call your own. We’re focused on making the area that you live in more enjoyable — and that starts with your very own UD off campus student housing apartment.

Discover Why LDG Offers The Best UD Off Campus Student Housing

LDG originated in 2001, thanks to the efforts of Jeff Lang. With a goal to improve the downtown Newark community in which Jeff grew up, Lang Development Group spent 15 years completing over 25 projects; in the end, we added over 300 residential units and 500,000 square feet of commercial space to the local market. Because we’re interested in more than just making money, our UD off campus housing apartment buildings are second to none.

We offer a variety of options when it comes to off campus housing; whether you’re looking to house two tenants or six, we can accommodate your needs. Let us know what you’re interested in — whether it’s four bedrooms and two bathrooms or two bedrooms and 1.5 baths — and we can find a place for you. When it comes to UD off campus housing, our options can’t be beat.