housing options for studentsMoving to a new area is hard and it’s even more difficult when you move away from home for the first time. When you’re looking for housing options for students in Delaware, there are a lot of factors that go into finding the perfect location. If you’re moving into a new home, here’s how to find the neighborhood of your dreams.

Quiet or loud?

You will likely have a lot of off campus housing options for students when you move to Delaware. However, the closer you are to campus, the rowdier the nightlife. If you’re over the college scene, luckily there are a few more affordable housing options right down the street. It might be a bit of a walk, but you’ll actually be able to sleep soundly on the weekends for once.

Look at the price points

While everyone wants to move to New York or LA, the cost is simply incredulous. Not only will your rent be sky high, but the cost of living in the area will run your bank account dry.

The neighborhood that’s perfect for you will also be in your price range. There are luckily nice, affordable neighborhoods surrounding the University of Delaware campus. When you’re looking for apartments for rent in Newark Delaware, keep in mind that your monthly rent should be no more than 30% of your net income. This includes your utilities. That way, you’ll stay afloat and have a little extra spending money for your textbooks.


You’re not going to get the vibe of an area by looking at statistics on your computer screen. The best way to get a feel for an area is to visit, even if that means going a little out of your way.

This way, you can check out the local shops, eye public transit options, and actually walk the distance to and from campus. At the very least, try to contact someone from your campus that lives in the area or read local reviews online.

Talk to your roommates`

It’s rare that a college student lives off campus alone and your roommates might have some great insights. Real estate for students often comes with great amenities, nearby locations, and a proximity to local shops. If you don’t have the inside scoop, it’s likely your roommate might.

When you want the best in housing options for students, look no further than the Lang Development Group. Not only do we offer the best student housing near UD, we support our Delaware hometown by giving back to the community. Contact us today or visit our website for more information.

living off campusLiving off campus for the first time is often one of your first tastes of freedom as an adult. While living in the dorms was an experience, this is the type of college housing you’ve dreamed of.

If you’re living off campus for the first time, here are some of the things you should expect.

Roommates can be a challenge

Living on campus means that your bathrooms were cleaned, you shared a tight space with someone else, and you didn’t need to worry about your roommate’s laundry. When you live with one or three other people, as most off campus student housing options provide, you’re going to experience highs and lows alike.

Expect to argue over who does the dishes. You’re going to bicker over parking. No, you can’t have a party on a Wednesday night. Pitfalls will happen but living with some of your best friends is an amazing experience. You no longer live under the thumb of an RA and you can stay up and chat late into the night. Real estate for students allows you to pick the place of your dreams with some of your best friends. Revel in it while you can.

It’s usually cheaper, but it’s likely out of pocket

Dorms are expensive to live in since they come equipped with a meal plan, cleaning services, and student parking. Even though living off campus will likely save you money in the long run, you’re also not able to bill your off campus apartments to your student loans.

You’re also going to have to buy your own food, cleaning supplies, and groceries. It doesn’t seem like much, but these weekly expenses can add up quickly. Budget accordingly if you’re going to live off campus and take responsibility for yourself should something go wrong.

Hello, independence

The independence associated with living in off campus student apartments is amazing. You have the freedom to decorate as you like, parking is often included, and you no longer need to worry about pesky RAs.

Unfortunately, this independence can go to your head. Because there aren’t monthly check-ins before major holidays, your apartment’s existence is in your hands. Keep in mind you might lose your security deposit if it’s left in bad condition when you leave. On top of that, you’re in charge of yourself: you need to get to class on time, maintain relationships, and still go to school even if you are a little more detached.

Living off campus is a great experience every college student should have. When you want to move into real estate for students, keep these perks and pitfalls in mind. But if you didn’t make the college cut, you can always rent after graduation. More U.S. households are rented now more than ever since 1965, making it a popular option for just about everyone, college student and working-class adult alike.

School is starting back up any day now and you want to make the most out of your senior year. When you’re in college, it might feel like these are the last official days of your youth before adulthood slaps you with reality.

If you want to have the best senior year of college ever follow these tips.

Opt for off campus student housing

When you live on campus in student housing, you have to worry about RAs, dorm housing, and never being able to find a parking spot. Sure, you’re living on your own, but you’re not really autonomous.

If you really want to make the most of your senior year, opt for off campus student housing options. There are great options for apartments for rent in Newark DE and the Lang Development Group. If you’re worried you won’t be able to find student rental units off campus, keep in mind that nearly 2,654 renters enter the market each day looking for new rental units. When you’re looking for apartments for students, you’ll have no trouble finding a great option near campus to live independently. Not only will you get a better idea of what it’s like to live on your own, you’ll be able to get out from under the thumb of your college.

Find professional references

Senior year isn’t all play, as much as we hate to admit it. To find a good job after college, it’s time to start lining up your professional references. These might be mentors you’ve met throughout your college career, or they might be trusted professors. If you’ve completed any internships or research throughout your college career, there are other great options for professional references. Even though you think you can write their name down, you must talk to them first to get their permission and be sure to let them know when you apply for a job. There’s nothing worse than getting a phone call about someone else when you least expect it.

Take advantage of every opportunity

Your senior year may be the last time you attend college. As such, it’s important to take advantage of all the opportunities you are presented with (as long as they’re safe!). While you shouldn’t go BASE jumping with a friend, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask that cute person in the library on a date. That class you always wanted to take but it wasn’t in your major? As long as it fits in your schedule, take it! You never know when you’ll be able to take classes like these again.

Graduating college can be a scary and exciting time. To make the most out of your senior year, don’t hesitate to follow these tips. Call Lang Development Group today if you’re looking for off campus student housing to make your senior year successful.

When you’re looking for off campus student housing, you have to consider the transport options available in your area. After all, lugging your backpack up and down a hill doesn’t seem realistic for everyday transit and there are likely more affordable options further from campus. Here are the top three transportation essentials you should look for when you’re looking at off campus housing.

1. Parking

If you’re one of the lucky college students who own their own car, you must make sure your off campus student housing has access to parking. Even if parking is an additional fee, it’s way easier than utilizing a parking garage or free parking that’s blocks away from your home.

On top of that, you should consider parking options for guests and family as well. The going rate is usually one guest spot per apartment unit in most off campus housing options, but you can always check to see if you can purchase an additional guest spot. Luckily Lang Development Group offers parking for over ten of their residential buildings.

2. Proximity to local transit

If you don’t have a car, you might want to utilize the bus or another form of transportation. Many campuses offer a bus shuttle service around the area and if you live close to a bus stop, you can likely ride for free as a student. While leaving five minutes early doesn’t sound ideal, proximity to local transportation options is a must if you’re living far away from campus.

3. Proximity to campus

If your college doesn’t offer a bus system and you don’t have a car, you can always find apartments closer to your school. They might be a little more expensive depending on who you rent from, but the location is key if you’re not willing to purchase a car. Just be careful when you’re looking for real estate for students and be sure to take pictures when you move in: too many apartments for students have landlords that try to weasel you out of money. Luckily, the Rental Protection Agency can protect you and your assets; according to them, young people between the ages of 15 and 34 make up over 40% of the renters in the United States.

With Lang Development Group, you’re guaranteed the best student rental units at an affordable price for your budget. Their buildings are student-friendly, offer parking for many units, and are located in excellent areas close to campus. When you need off campus student housing, call them for a tour today.

commercial real estate optionsRenting. While your parents might tell you that you’re throwing money away, the fact of the matter is, the housing market has changed. For many, it makes more sense to rent as a young adult. Here are some of the perks associated with renting your first home after college.

It can be temporary
Owning a home is a long-term commitment many young adults find overwhelming. While many people want to live close to their family, the thought of staying in the same town where you grew up can seem suffocating. A young adult has the opportunity to travel, to experiment, to live in different locations and test out the waters of different towns.

Most rental housing options offer a yearly agreement for a lease option and commercial real estate options offer one- to three-year leases. While you might be able to find longer-term housing options available, year-long lease agreements are great for the traveling young adult who wants to find their place in the world.

They often have fixed rent amounts
The housing market is constantly fluctuating, but a rental option is designed with the budgeter in mind. A yearly lease offers a fixed amount of rent due at the end of each month; because it’s in writing, you’re better able to finance the costs of living.

If you’re looking for the perks of a pool, grounds maintenance, and access to athletic facilities, finding a space for lease might be the right option for you. Many rental groups offer access to amenities as a part of their lease agreements and it’s included in your monthly rent. This is a great way to exercise or entertain friends without leaving the comfort of your home.

Repairs and maintenance is covered
This is probably one of the biggest draws for new renters. Whether you’re looking for student housing options among your peers or commercial real estate options, your landlord is responsible for any maintenance costs and repairs that happen to your home or apartment. Of course, you need to clean and any damage you cause will come out of your security deposit, but general repair costs are covered by the landlord. This includes any plumbing issues, power outages, roof leaks, or appliance issues. The costs of fixing your home yourself can add up quickly; with a landlord or property manager taking care of the expensive fixes, it keeps money in your pocket.

Whether you’re looking for commercial real estate options in Newark or you want to look for residential real estate options, the Lang Development Group owns over 35 properties. When a new unit is leased every 80 seconds in the United States, don’t hesitate to call today.

off campus housingChoosing the right place to live is a challenge, but not when you have the right real estate and property management group to rely on. Whether you’re a busy college student in need of off campus student housing or trying to find the best commercial real estate in Newark, Delaware, your property management should offer these qualities before you sign that dotted line.

1. Easy ways to pay your rent
You have a busy schedule; finding time to drop off a handwritten check simply isn’t feasible in today’s fast-paced world. Make sure your residential real estate developer offers an easy way to pay online; when a company works with the consumer, you’re bound to have a more pleasant experience compared to other housing options.

2. They own a lot of properties
Small landlords tend to get invasive with their renters; with a larger company that owns over 30 properties, you can rest assured that you’ll get the help when you need it while you retain your privacy. With over 111 million renters that live in apartments, the guidelines for landlords are ever-expanding; you want to ensure your rental is protected, but not under constant surveillance.

Additionally, a landlord with a lot of properties gives you variety. It can be exhausting when you have to contact multiple landlords and property managers to view their off campus housing. By sticking with one developer, you’re able to get variety without overextending yourself.

3. There’s an app for that
If you want a truly customer-driven experience, look for a development group that utilizes an app. The ease of access will enable you to pick the best apartments for rent in Newark, DE, without having to leave the comfort of your bed. This is especially important for college students; if a business doesn’t offer online information regarding their space for lease, it shows that they’re unwilling to work with a college students’ needs. Look at properties anywhere, anytime, from any smartphone or tablet or computer. It’s just one of the ways the Lang Development Group hopes to improve your living experience in Delaware.

Choosing an off campus housing option is difficult, but looking for these qualities can make your final decision a little easier. For the best in off campus housing, consider visiting the Lang Development Group on their app or online.

rentalWhile it might seem you’re stuck to the activities on campus when you attend the University of Delaware, there are countless places around your off campus housing to explore. If you have a car, this gives you even more fun locations and scenic attractions to explore. Before you leave your Delaware rental, check out these three Delaware-only locations to snap a selfie or two.

1. The Roselle Center for the Arts
This location is the closest to campus. It highlights the wonderfully eclectic arts community in the University of Delaware. Located nearby the equally famous Wright House and the President’s House, the Roselle is an adventure all its own. This beautiful building bears witness to countless lectures and performances, often featuring the Resident ensemble Players. Not only is this a great way to support your fellow students, exploring the beautiful interior is worth the hike; snap some pictures of the gorgeous chandeliers and art displays before sitting in on a performance.

2. The Steampunk Treehouse
You’re not allowed inside, but bearing witness to this giant tree is worth the hour drive from your student housing. Local brewery, Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton snagged this giant, metal-welded tree in 2009. Not only was this tree built for Burning Man — you might have heard of this giant musical festival once or twice — but it also made an appearance at Coachella in 2008 after a slight rebuild.

The size of the room at the top of tree might even rival the size of your housing, at least if you’re on campus. Resting in the branches of the 40-foot tree the wooden accents blended with steel clockwork gives it a, well, steampunk vibe. Enjoy the view while you sip local brews (as long as you’re over 21).

3. The Gibraltar Gardens
Finally, something free and accessible. Beautiful gardens surround an abandoned mansion built in the 1840s. Now. it’s slowly being encompassed by climbing ivy, making it a focal point the beautiful gardens that surround it. The mansion is fun to explore if you’re interested in derelict buildings and it’ll make you feel much better about your on campus student housing options.

The gardens are the real highlight in this adventure however. While the mansion might be falling apart, the gardens are maintained to perfection by preservation organizations. The beautiful koi ponds, trees, flowers, and pathways make you feel like you feel like you’ve entered a fairytale: enter through a large wrought-iron gate and explore the gardens, greenhouse, and fountains that dot the estate before retiring to your cozy off campus rental.

Living in Delaware is an adventure all its own. If you don’t have access to these locations by car, there are always plenty of parks and museums situated by the housing options for students. When 33% of renters choose to move each year, finding perks around your new home is a necessity. No matter where your rental resides, Delaware is a location bursting with life.

housing options for studentsAs a college student, you will have to make a massive number of decisions, often for the first time: what classes to take, which internships to apply for, where to live. Consider these housing options when you’re trying to decide where you want to live.

Your college or university will likely have a number of housing options for students. If you’re a freshman, you’re likely going to live in dormitory-style housing with one roommate, or in a suite-style dorm with multiple roommates. The expenses of living there are all-included, consisting of rent, a meal plan, and laundry facilities.

This is often the most expensive form of housing and your college may require you to live on campus for the first couple of years as you adjust to the difficulties associated with the college transition. You may also be able to live in a more independent style of living if your college supplies townhouses on campus.

Off-campus housing options are often more affordable than the housing supplied by the campus. Nearly 87% of college students choose off-campus living options. Your rent will go directly to your landlord or property manager, and you have the freedom to buy your own food instead of relying solely on a meal plan.

Townhouse rentals are a popular form of real estate for students on a budget. These small houses or apartments have shared walls, but many amenities are often included. It’s likely you’ll get regular lawn maintenance, parking, and laundry, though these are not always offered. Regardless, your landlord should take care of any problems you have while living there, like plumbing or heating issues. This housing option is preferred among students because they usually have a lawn and offer more space than an apartment. Look for a real estate company that can help guide you in the right direction before you make any final decisions.

Apartments for students are another popular option: not only do many apartment building nearby campuses offer discounted rates for students, they’re often populated by the same people you have classes with. This type of living space is similar to a townhouse in that you have shared walls with multiple units, but apartments are usually a bit smaller in comparison.

Though they don’t often come with a lawn or recreational space, apartments are usually more affordable than townhouses and still come with the perks of relying on a landlord to fix any issues you might have with your rental.

If you don’t like the idea of walking up stairs or sharing walls with your neighbor, a house might be a great option for you. Whether you’re renting or buying a house, the number-one perk is that you don’t have to share your walls. Instead, you usually get a couple floors of living space and will likely have a lawn to play on. However, buying a house is likely not a realistic option for the student on a budget, and renting a home is often the most expensive form of off-campus housing. Try to limit the cost by living with roommates or cutting down on the costs of your amenities.

While there are many housing options for students, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Keep in mind that figuring out the best housing options for students is a difficult area to navigate and relying on professional help might be the way to go when you want to discuss your student housing options.