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5 Things to Remember When Looking for Student Housing Options

Going away to college is a big deal in many young people’s lives. In addition to worrying about classes and making new friends, they have to make sure they have the right accommodations. However, on-campus housing isn’t always available. According to FinancesOnline, only roughly 22% of incoming undergraduates at America’s 175 largest universities have access to accommodations on campus. Here are five things to remember when considering student housing options.

1. Price

The cost of housing can be high anywhere, whether you’re a working adult or a college student. Before signing any residential contracts, check that the rent can fit into your monthly and semester budget. You don’t want to have to choose between paying your rent and eating for the month.

2 Safety

Safety is a must regardless of where you live. Do your due diligence and check out crime stats in the area where you’re looking for accommodations. It’s even better if you can find student housing options with staffed security and well-lit parking.

3. Proximity to Campus

When looking for student housing options, proximity to campus can affect many things in your schedule. For example, how many classes do you have each week? If you have classes four or five days a week, an apartment closer to campus is more convenient. However, living further away may not be so bad if you only have to be on campus for a few days or have some online classes. Then there’s the matter of your transportation options. Driving versus walking matters in how far away you should look for potential apartments.

4. Roomates

College is a time when many students have roommates, whether they live on or off campus. However, if you choose to live off campus, it’s your choice who you want to live with. When considering roommates, make sure you interview each other for compatibility in terms of lifestyle and personal interests.

5. Contract Options

Be careful in signing any rental contracts. If you find an apartment that focuses on renting to students, it may be easier to have a flexible or short-term contract. However, a regular building that doesn’t cater to students often has a more set lease that will lock you in for a longer period.

During college, you have many housing options to consider. Whether you stay on campus with a roommate or live off campus solo, think about what works best for you regarding proximity, funding, and contract options. Still curious about student housing? Contact a Lang Development Group today for more information about our properties.

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