Fabulous Student Apartment Decoration Ideas

Are you considering an off-campus apartment? You aren’t alone. According to the New York Times, 87% of college students live off-campus. One of the major benefits of these student rentals is that they can be made into your own space. With the right decorations, it can be your place of rest in a hectic college world. It may even seem like a home away from home. Here are some design ideas for your off-campus housing.

Cotton Bending

Your bed is one of the most crucial elements of your space. You will likely spend between 7-and 9 hours a day sleeping. A little investment can go a long way with your bed. Consider investing in some high-quality cotton bedding. Better sleep means that you will have more energy and productivity. You can use pillows to add some color to your space as well.


According to The Yellow Brick Road, painting student rentals can add another element of personalization and expression. However, make sure to check with your landlord first. Also, consider using non-VOC paint for a healthier option. Better Homes and Garden says that VOCs cause headaches, skin irritation, and respiratory irritation for as long as several years after painting. This is plenty of reason to choose non-VOC paint.


Art pieces are a great way to express yourself and spruce up your rental. They liven up walls and are perfect if you have empty wall space. Make sure to ask your landlord before nailing anything to the wall. Instead, consider using command hooks to hang your art. They will not cause damage to the walls and are easy to remove once you are ready to move out.


Lighting can be used to create a cozy space for late-night studying. According to Wharton Rentals, desk or floor lamps are great for smaller spaces such as student rentals. However, there are other options if you want to get more creative. Consider twinkle or fairy lights for a mystical vibe. You could also use color-changing LEDs for another fun option to complement your traditional lights.

DIY Decorations

DIY handcrafted decorations are a cost-efficient way to give your space a personalized touch. Sometimes, it can be hard to find the decoration that you are looking for. This allows you to make exactly what you have in mind.


Plants can be used to make a space look natural and more welcoming. The green of the plants also acts as an accent color for the rest of your room. According to Wharton Rentals, succulents are a good choice because of their resilience. Other plants to consider are ZZ plants, Pothos plants, snake plants, and ferns. For more information, contact us today!

How Much Can a College Student Afford for an Apartment?

off campus housing for students

Living in an apartment off-campus is such a bold step that requires one to have all the necessary information regarding rental units for students around the area. According to BestColleges.com and other financial experts, your monthly rent and utility bills should represent no more than 30% of your monthly net (after-tax) income. Rental units for students require that you have a provable and steady income to enjoy this kind of off-campus living.

Here are a few ways in which a student could afford an apartment.

Getting a Roommate

Living with a friend, or a schoolmate can impact positively your monthly rental expenses, which is a good thing. Utilities such as electricity, gas, water bills, and even the internet will be reduced by half the amount you would pay while living alone. This makes renting quite affordable. The key importance here is building some level of trust with your roommate.

Find a Cosigner

Rental units for students require one to have a steady amount of income, which at times may not be the case for college students. Therefore, one may opt to get a cosigner, a third party who is in a better financial position to cosign the lease with you. This can be a parent or any other person.

Keep Track of Other Utilities

Rent is simply a small portion of the total cost of living in an apartment. Water, gas, electricity, and internet usage all need to be accounted for to avoid waste and big bills.

Prioritize the Living Location

Living closer to college, or to amenities such as a hospital, grocery stores, and shopping centers eases the burden of commuting and saves you money. Rental units for students should come alongside ease of convenience for facilities, so as to minimize costs and save on time.

College is exciting and a great time to make memories with friends. Lang development group offers a variety of rental units for students in Delaware, based on their budget and specification.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.