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Important Factors to Keep in Mind When Looking for an Apartment

Finding the perfect apartment shouldn’t be a hit and miss if you know what to look for. Fortunately, we have rounded up the top factors to consider when hunting for an apartment that’s right for you. Let’s get started.


Pricing is an important factor to all renters, especially those who are starting out. The Rental Protection Agency says that about 40.6% of renters in the U.S. are those between the ages of 15 and 34. If you’re part of this age group, you’re probably living on a budget and want an apartment that’s decent and affordable. Therefore, it pays to do your research and find out the cost of apartments in the area you’re looking at. From there, you should consider whether to look elsewhere, find roommates, or negotiate the price.

Overall Conditions

It’s normal for property owners to post beautiful pictures of their apartments online. However, in some cases, the reality may be different. Before you pay rent or make a deposit, it’s up to you to arrange a viewing so you can see everything up close. During your inspection, look out for common problem areas, such as leaky faucets, bug and rodent infestations, broken AC, damaged roof, broken stuff, and mold. Talk to the landlord or property manager to see how they plan to deal with the problem and make it clear you’ll only move in after the problem is fixed.

The Landlord/Property Manager

Your renting experience is always a smooth and pleasant one if you have a great landlord. Besides viewing the apartment, be sure to meet the landlord in person to get a feel of what they’re like. If there are already other tenants living there, if possible, ask them what the landlord is like. Ideally, you want a landlord with good ethics, who respects boundaries, and who is reliable when emergencies occur.

The Neighborhood

Your apartment may seem perfect for you, but if it’s in the wrong kind of neighborhood, then this may be a problem. For instance, if there’s a high crime rate, it’s best to eye other apartments to protect your safety. You should also investigate neighborhood factors such as whether there’s enough parking or access to amenities such as shops, gyms, and a laundromat.

Browsing apartments in search of a place to live can be time-consuming and a hassle, but it pays off once you find the perfect one. Keep the above factors in your mind during your search, and good luck!

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