6 Important Facts to Know About Campus Housing

off campus housing options

Across the United States, colleges and universities offer on-campus residences to their students and sometimes their faculty and staff. You probably think that you know campus housing pretty well, but how well, but how well do you know college life?

Fact 1:

Approximately 33% of students move each year, which is true for off-campus residents, but not for people who live on-campus. The majority of students live in the residence halls for one to two years, and some students remain in the residence halls all four years of college.

Fact 2:

You might get corrected if you refer to it as a dorm, as calling it a dormitory went out in the 1980s. They are now more commonly called residence halls. Most schools provide a women’s residence hall, a men’s residence hall, and a mixed-gender residence hall. At some schools, like The University of Oklahoma, residence halls house students in high-rises. Each floor has a men’s side and a women’s side, while one floor gets devoted to coed housing.

Fact 3:

Campus housing refers to a plethora of options including residence halls, apartments, and temporary housing. Students get to choose from those options if they want to live on campus.

Fact 4:

Many universities require students to live in residence halls their first year or freshman year. You will not get off campus housing options unless you live at home and commute to campus. If you do not reside at home with your parents your freshman year, you must live in the residence halls.

Fact 5:

Campus housing allows students, faculty, and staff to reside in it. Many staff and faculty members rent on-campus apartments.

Fact 6:

Some universities have constructed apartments in their residence halls for a faculty-in-residence program. In this program, a faculty member and his or her family move into the apartment and live in the same building as the students for a year. They host gatherings and hold chats with the student to build rapport.

If you did not know these fun facts about campus housing, then living on a United States college campus might be a new and exciting experience for you. Contact your first-choice university to book an overnight visit. Most universities will let you spend the night in the dormitory to experience college life before you matriculate.