6 Ways to Make Living Off-Campus Easier

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According to a New York Times report, more than 87% of college students choose housing outside campus. For many students, it is the first time living alone in another city away from home. While it can be an exciting time, there are also challenges. In this article, we’ll look at some tips for making the most of your off-campus life.

1. Research Housing Units

When you’re looking for suitable student housing in Delaware, you shouldn’t settle for the first unit you see. It is crucial to keep in mind that where you choose to live may impact your mental well being.

If you are looking for student apartments, you may want to interact with other people with similar interests. Maybe you may prefer living with like-minded students. You can review college forums with information shared by the school’s alumni. Make use of those resources to research the social environment of the apartments nearby.

2. Think Backwards to Create an Ideal Experience

Start by imagining what you would want from your off-campus housing. If you are looking for a pet-friendly apartment, you need to start your search early. Having a vision of what you want can help you anticipate challenges, and you’ll be in a position to plan more effectively. It also helps you have some bare minimums in mind, which allows you to identify and eliminate apartments that don’t meet your requirements early on.

3. Consider Access to Transportation

If you need to commute to student housing in Delaware, you may spend a significant amount on transportation. So it is wise to take time and evaluate the means you’ll be relying on to get to school.

The most affordable option from your apartment to your school is public transportation. Make a point of planning how you will be commuting daily.

4. Evaluate the Security of the New Apartment

It is always wise to consider the security of the apartments for students you choose. Take time to evaluate housing and determine if getting to and from school is safe. Your apartment should be in a secure location with proper locks and security systems. The management should also have some security protocols that regulate who gets in and out of student housing apartments.

5. Budget Wisely

If you’re planning to live outside the campus, budgeting will be an essential part of survival. The chances are that you’ll be far away from your friends and schoolmates. Reports suggest that up to a third of students underestimate how much they’ll spend in college.

If the student housing in Delaware is outside the campus, you may not have access to the school’s dining. You, therefore, need to plan how you’ll be getting food. Will you make plans to cook? Or can you find an eatery that is convenient and affordable?

6. Come up with House Rules

You may choose to share housing with one or more roommates to manage your budget. You need to come up with some house rules on how you will share chores and expenses. An agreement between roomies can help you resolve conflicts and keep your Delaware student housing clean and presentable.

There are several things to consider when looking for suitable student housing in Delaware. Remember, everyone is prone to making mistakes, especially if it’s the first time. However, with early preparation, you can counter some of the challenges that come with off-campus living.

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Renting an Apartment Off-Campus

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Renting an apartment off-campus can be exciting, allowing you to enjoy flexibility regarding where and who you live with. While trying to avoid dorm life, most students tend to make rookie mistakes that cost them dearly. Here are four common pitfalls to avoid when you are deciding on Delaware student housing.

1. Falling in Love Too Fast

The US Census Bureau says that 33% of renters move each year. Four out of five will go online to search for apartments for rent. Technology continues to revolutionize the rental experience, with students identifying and closing deals for the spaces through online listings.

While you may fall in love with the plenty of pictures flashed on the site, you may never know what’s missing. Nothing kills the excitement of finally moving than discovering that the rooms look nothing like the photos posted. Before signing the rental agreement, make sure you visit the apartment in person. You can catch any deal-breakers before signing the lease.

2. Not Screening Roommates

It is always an excellent idea to find someone to live with when renting an apartment off-campus. You can share the rental cost as well as the various utility bills. However, you may need to be careful not to overlook the housemates you will share your space with.

Most students wrongfully assume that they will enjoy living with someone just because they are their friend. You may need to consider other factors, such as the desired level of cleanliness, sleeping schedules, and noise levels. Find roommates that are easier to get along with for the best rental experience.

3. Going Overboard on Your Budget

It can be tempting to look for luxurious student rental units. However, living off-campus tags along with the expensive realities of living in Newark, DE rentals. It is not advisable to take on student loans and credit card debts to sustain a lifestyle you can’t afford.

Find off-campus apartments that are within your budget range. You can determine this by picking your pre-tax income and diving with 40. This figure is the rental income that you may afford. Remember to factor in the rental deposit, pet-expenses, books, and utilities.

4. Not Reading the Fine Print

In a hurry to find student housing in Delaware, most renters tend to skim through the lease agreement. They sign the document without understanding what the landlord stipulates. You may not wish to be blindsided on an aspect just because you never read everything in the agreement.

There may be restrictions provided by landlords or property managers that you may need to be aware of—for example, in-door pets. You may need to ensure that you are renting an apartment with no breed/ weight restrictions that might leave your pet out in the cold.

Renting an apartment off-campus does not have to be hectic. Doing your due diligence may help you avoid these four common pitfalls during your search. For more information on finding the right rental units for students in Newark, DE, you can contact Lang Development Group. Our experts are waiting to hear from you.