Live Off Campus and Embrace the Big World Outside of Dorm Life

living off campus

As of 2017 in the U.S., there were over 111 million renters that rented apartments and called them home. A lot of those rentals were secured by college students ready for living off campus. While living in college dorms is convenient, it is not always the best living choice for everyone. There is a huge world waiting outside of dorm rooms, your college campus and residential halls. It’s time to embrace it and change the way you experience going to college.

Easily Find Apartments for Rent in Newark, Delaware

One of the best ways to experience living off campus is to use the services offered by a real estate development company that specializes in helping students find the housing options they desire. This can include apartments for rent, student housing options and more. Change your life for the better with off-campus housing that has many advantages when it comes to taking on more responsibilities as a growing adult.

Living Off Campus Helps Students Gain More Life Experience

As a young adult at college life has many things in store for you. One of the top things is learning about new responsibilities that will help you mature. Living off-campus is an ideal option that offers a gentle push toward adulthood. Responsibilities include cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, budgeting for bills, rent and other expenses, performing basic tasks for maintenance purposes, troubleshooting problems, understanding how rental contracts work, communication and the development of relationships in terms of relating to maintenance crews, property managers and landlords.

College Dorm Rooms Tend to Be Too Small

Is your dorm room big enough? Are you tired of trying to study when a dormmate is only focused on having fun? Even larger dorm rooms present a challenge when you want to study and others are being noisy. You need more living space. That is exactly what living off campus provides, especially when you use the services of real estate development companies that can introduce you to affordable rental options. Say goodbye to cramped dorm rooms and hello to housing options that are more suitable for maturing college students.

Enjoy Great Amenities Living Off Campus

An added benefit to living off campus is the access to more amenities. A lot of apartment complexes offer a variety of amenities that are all close by. Such benefits include a study lounge, free Wi-Fi, a gym and much more. Depending on the exact location you may also be close to local supermarkets, parks, shops, and restaurants that are within a short walking distance. This gives you the opportunity to explore without being limited by campus regulations and rules.

Set Your Own Rules in Your Own Home

College dorms are inundated with rules including overnight guest restrictions and curfews. You are also monitored by a resident advisor put in place to police you and enforce the rules. If you have your own rental, either housing or an apartment, you can set your own rules. Of course, there are general rules set for every apartment renter that everyone is expected to follow. However, they are a far cry from the rules set by colleges.

Save Money Living Off Campus

There are many rentals for living off campus available that are exponentially more cost-effective than living in campus housing. You don’t have to stress over finding those options when you hire a development company to sus out the perfect rentals for you. They can assist you in selecting an area that is close to your college or university that is still affordable.

Moving off campus saves money, provides more space, and gives you access to great amenities all while affording much-needed life experience. Get ready for the real world when you choose to live off campus. Your college experience will be greatly enhanced while improving your quality of life.

4 Tips For Renting Student Apartments With Pets

pet friendly student apartments

One of the best ways to establish your independence and individuality in college is to move into off campus housing. Not only does off campus housing give you more freedom but it also gives you the chance to optimize your college-living experience with a furry friend.

But before you visit your local animal shelter, it’s a good idea to consider first the significant responsibilities that come with owning a pet while you’re a college student. Not only is it challenging to find pet friendly student apartments but you’ll also need to make sure your pet is well-taken care of.

That being said, here are five tips to consider before getting a pet in your own student apartment.

  1. Don’t get blind-sided by pet fees. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the victory of finding a pet friendly student apartment. But it’s important to note that while some student apartments allow pets, renters might need to pay additional fees to keep an animal in their apartment. Some apartments only require you to pay an additional one-time fee at the time of your security deposit. Others may require you to make additional monthly payments for your pets.
  2. Keep your pet’s medical history on hand. Many apartment communities require pet owners to submit official documentation of their pet’s vaccination certifications and medical history. If your pet hasn’t yet been vaccinated, now is a great time to find a new vet nearby your new student housing.
  3. Create a bathroom routine. If the pet you’re getting is a dog, it’s a good idea to establish a bathroom routine for them. This will help to avoid accidents in the apartment that could leave stains in the property.
  4. Dedicate quality time to your pet. It’s easy to get busy in college because of classes, extracurriculars, and spending time with friends. But remember that your pet relies on you not only for their needs but also for entertainment. Be sure to provide your pet with quality time every day not only taking them for walks but also giving them plenty of time to play.

Looking for pet friendly student apartments?

If you’re looking for student apartments off campus, you’re not alone. In fact, according to a New York Times article, up to 87% of students live off campus. But it can be tricky to find pet friendly student apartments.

Fortunately, Lang Development Group offers University of Delaware off campus housing that’s also pet friendly. For more information about our pet friendly apartments for students, contact Lang Development Group today.