How To Craft A Cozy College Apartment This Holiday Season

off campus apartments

off campus apartmentsLiving in off campus apartments often seems like temporary housing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t craft the perfectly cozy college apartment of your dreams! Make the most of your time living off campus — follow these tips and tricks to make living off campus all the more enjoyable.


Get a coffee table


For some reason, college students never seem to get a coffee table. This is a simple addition that many college students seem to overlook. When it comes to relaxing on the couch or playing a game of cards with your friends, nothing beats the convenience and simplicity of a great coffee table.


By an affordable new coffee table or see what you can find at your local second-hand shop. You’d be surprised what a new layer of paint can do for an old piece of furniture.


Light it up with lamps


Delaware student housing options will usually provide a ceiling light in each room, but buying the lamps is up to you. An easy way to craft a cozy room is with strategic lighting.


If you’re not a fan of overhead lighting, using table lamps or standing lamps can add dimension and ambiance. After all, even the best student housing in Delaware doesn’t suit every mood. Lamps and other forms of lighting are often less harsh than the overhead light and make the room seem cozier since the light is concentrated in one area. Try accenting doorways with fun string lights or turning on a floor lamp when you’re watching your favorite movie.


Craft a color scheme


One of the worst parts of owning your own place is filling it with all the goods you’ve accumulated over the years. Oftentimes, you chose what looked cute or functional instead of opting for a cohesive design.


When you want to make the most of your student housing, think about choosing a simple color scheme consisting of two or three colors that complement each other. This can range from your throw rugs to the decorations on your wall to the colors of your lamp shades. It will create a cohesive space that looks more put-together than your old on campus housing.


When in doubt, always choose furniture that matches or — at the very least — get furniture covers that are the same color. This takes up the brunt of your living room and mismatched furniture will always look cheap.


Off campus apartments are beautiful, but they’re even better when you seek to add your own personal flair. According to the New York Times, 87% of students choose to live in off campus apartments. Gain ideas from your friends or rely on these tips when you want to make your off campus housing a home.