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Why Should I Choose an Off Campus Apartment?

Off-campus housing options often boast affordable student rentals that provide housing options for students that want apartments near school without having to rely on campus housing. Today, many students are choosing off-campus housing as more and more housing options become available. In fact, according to a New York Times article from 2016, approximately 87% of students live off-campus. If you are looking for a new apartment or space for lease near the University of Delaware, then off-campus housing options may be the right decision for you. Below are some advantages of off-campus housing.

Apartments Near School

Off-campus apartments offer both the freedom of living independently and the convenience of being near school. Newark student housing options include a variety of apartment types close to campus to make traveling convenient and easy. Close proximity to campus allows you to still feel like part of the campus community while also giving you the freedom and flexibility of an off-campus apartment.

Pet-Friendly Housing

Living off-campus also gives you more options, including a pet-friendly student apartment. While pets aren’t allowed on campus, apartments near school may offer the option to bring your pet from home, or even get a cat or dog of your own. Many apartments for rent in Newark, Delaware offer pet-friendly housing for a small additional monthly fee. To find pet-friendly apartments for students, search ‘student housing Newark DE’ to find the best housing options for you and your pet.


If you are bringing your car to campus, then off-campus housing may be the best option for you. Many apartments either offer on-site parking or are adjacent to parking garages for your convenience. Additional amenities include on-site maintenance, flexible leases, and a variety of property types that make living off-campus enjoyable, affordable, and convenient.

So Many Choices

Finding apartments near school has never been easier when you choose University of Delaware off-campus housing. Single to multi-tenant properties, pet-friendly housing options, and a variety of apartments near the college make finding the best off-campus housing a snap.

Many students choose off-campus student apartments because they want to feel like they are part of the campus community while also having the freedom to live independently. If you are looking for student rental units near the University of Delaware, then contact the Lang Development Group today to find the best student housing options available.

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