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What to Look for in Pet Friendly Housing

Most pet owners do not view their pets as just animals they keep but valued family members. As such, it is essential when looking for new housing that you find something that’s pet friendly. However, it is important to note not all houses that allow pets are pet friendly.

An estimated 33% of renters move each year due to several different reasons. Some of those are pet owners looking for pet-friendly housing. In this article, we will look at what to look for in pet-friendly accommodation.

Located Near Basic Pet Amenities

Pet-friendly housing must be located near an area where you can take your pet to relieve himself. There are apartment buildings with a pet waste station and trash receptacle that is frequently emptied to control odors. You can also check whether there is a drinking fountain for pets. Apart from having the amenities, there should be proper signage pointing you to the relief area to quickly locate it.

Located Near an Animal Park

There are off campus student apartments located close to animal parks where you can take your pet for exercise. If there are none in the area where you’re looking, you can also consider something that has a facility for pets to play and exercise.

Proximity to a Veterinary Hospital

Your pet will fall sick at one point or the other, and you will have to take it to the veterinary doctor. Therefore it is essential to ensure that the accommodation you pick is close to a veterinary clinic or hospital.

Enough Space for You and Your Pet

When you live with a pet, you must ensure that the accommodation you pick has enough space for you and your pet. This especially applies if you want off campus student apartments. For instance, it is not good to get a tiny room when you have a dog. The dog will need ample space to run around and exercise.

Roommate or No Roommate?

When looking for accommodation in off campus student apartments, and you plan to move in with a roommate, you must first ensure that the roommate is okay with you moving in with your pet. Some people prefer not to live with animals. Apart from that, they may also be allergic to your pet. For instance, some people are allergic to cat fur.

Any Allergens in Proximity?

If you and your pet are looking for a place to stay, you must make sure you don’t move to an area with many allergens that can affect your pet.

Be sure to do plenty of research about prospective new housing facilities on their regulations when it comes to finding pet friendly housing.

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