student housing options

Student Housing Options: What to Look for in Off-Campus Housing

student housing options

Approximately 2,654 individuals enter the rental market every day in need of housing, according to the Rental Protection Agency. Many of these renters are students, looking to find an apartment near school that is clean, spacious, and most importantly, affordable. While on-campus student housing options are plentiful, off-campus apartments offer a different kind of freedom that comes with renting one’s own personal space. Keep reading for some things to look for when searching for off-campus student housing options.

Multi-Tenant Properties

Chances are, you will want to find apartments near the school that are large enough to comfortably house multiple people. As most college students are living on a budget, this is the most cost-effective option for students looking to live in off-campus apartments. Look for student housing options that are near school, can house multiple tenants comfortably, and offer spacious and clean accommodations.

Pet-Friendly Housing

Having a pet is definitely not an option if you are living on campus. Pet-friendly apartments give you the ability to bring your pet with you or get a new pet while you are going to school. Many student housing options are pet-friendly and will include the fee in the rental cost. When looking for off-campus housing, be sure to ask your rental agent for pet-friendly housing options.

Parking Options

Sometimes it is not possible to have a car while living on campus, and it may be difficult to find parking if you do. Many off-campus student housing options will include a parking area for tenant use or a suitable place nearby where you can pay to park or store your car. If you have a car, be sure to inquire about on-site parking when you are searching for off-campus apartments near school.

Dependable, Available Maintenance

If you are looking for off-campus student rentals, be sure to choose a local real estate development company that has a reputation for high-quality, clean, and well-maintained properties. Choosing a real estate company with its own maintenance crew will ensure that any problems you may encounter will be addressed in a timely fashion. Be sure to address any questions about student housing options to your rental agent, and ask to take a tour of the property before deciding if the apartment is right for you.

When looking for off-campus student options, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to look for, especially if it is your first apartment. This is why it is so important to be prepared and know what you’re looking for when you are trying to find off-campus housing. Choose a rental agent that is professional, experienced, and offers plenty of options that fit your budget and housing requirements, is well-run, clean, and maintained, and has amenities such as parking that fit your off-campus housing requirements.

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