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How to Find Student Housing Near Me

Searching for “student housing near me” could lead you in lots of different directions. Even when you’re looking for student housing, you could find yourself miles away from campus. Sometimes, the phrase is used kind of the same way clickbait works: it’s meant to lure you in. There are lots of apartments for rent that are affordable and close to campus, even if they aren’t classified specifically as student housing.


Student Housing Near Me?


Apartments for students are available everywhere, particularly all around the campus area. Search within two miles of campus, and you should find all sorts of options for student housing and off campus apartments that are affordably priced and conveniently located near the school. Don’t just look for student housing near me when you’re doing an online search. You should also look for off campus housing of all types. Apartments for rent are definitely going to be the most likely option, but renting a house may also be totally viable if you have roommates to share costs with.


When searching for student housing near me, don’t forget to include houses and townhouses in addition to apartments for rent. There are tons of housing options for students. If you have specific needs for your living situation, you can always search for a pet friendly apartment and other options that will suit you best. There will probably even be pet friendly student apartments available for rent.


When You’re Looking for Space for Lease


Renting is common both for students and non-students In 2016, about 27 percent of Americans rented their home. And in 2017, around 43 million housing units in the U.S. were occupied by renters. Meanwhile, the need for student housing of all kinds is increasing. If you’re looking for student housing near me, you’re in good company. A “New York Times” article from 2016 said that around 87 percent of students were living off campus instead of on campus. That means the demand for off campus housing is huge, ad it’s probably only going to grow if this trend continues into the future.


More than 111 million renters were living in the apartments in the U.S. in 2017. That includes students and professionals of all ages. Searching for apartments for students is a good way to discover all sorts of different real estate options. Take the time to find good student housing at an affordable price that has all the features you need.


In the U.S., a new unit is rented by someone every80 seconds. Meanwhile, a new renter is moving into a new place every 30 seconds. That’s a lot of student housing and apartment rentals. Start looking for your perfect place to live, and soon your 30 seconds will come around.

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