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How To Choose the Right Student Apartments For Rent

Transitioning to college can be an exciting time. You get to move out and start an independent life. There are plenty of options available to consider for your university accommodation. If you are not comfortable with the college dorm life, you can opt for an off-campus apartment for students.

Living off-campus offers you the flexibility to choose where to live or who to live with. You get to enjoy more independence and privacy than in the dorm setup. But how do you determine the most suitable off-campus housing? Here are seven tips to help make the selection process less stressful.

1. Decide on Roommates

The benefit of off-campus accommodation is that you can choose to either live alone or in shared apartments. If you have friends joining the same university, you may decide to team up and rent a fully-furnished apartment but with certain common areas. However, more often than most, you will end up with strangers. Choose your roommates carefully as they may affect your living experience off-campus.

2. Find the Right Location

It is essential to keep in mind the distance between your preferred apartments for rent and the school campus. The closer you are to the university, the better it is for you. Research the area for other essential social amenities. Choose flats close to restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and student hangout centers.

3. Check Out Security

Around 73% of students say that the safety of the neighborhood they live in affected their apartment choice. It is vital to choose a safe off-campus student housing unit. Ask the property manager to inform you of the various measures put to safeguard the students and their property. These can be secure door entries, video surveillance in common areas, and security guards.

4. Examine the Infrastructure

The location of the available apartments for rent will influence the type of infrastructure available. Infrastructure may affect transportation, communication, and connectivity. Always try and choose an area that’s easily accessible via the available means of transport. If you prefer using a personal vehicle, you may need to factor in parking spaces and costs associated with it.

5. Know Your Budget Limits

Another factor to keep in mind is the pricing of the housing unit. Shared apartments allow renters to lower their monthly rental expenses. It is essential to determine your price range and find a student housing that fits within the budget. You may need to put down a deposit, typically a month’s rent. The money is refundable when you move out if you follow the proper moving out procedures.

6. Determine the Cost of Utilities

Utilities significantly improve your comfort level in the rented space. You may need to factor in expenses for water, electricity, gas, cable, and internet. Some properties offer a standard flat fee, while others vary the cost. Choose a model that fits your needs.

7. Find Some Student-friendly Amenities

Not all apartments for rent provide the same perks. The units differ in the type of amenities and facilities they have. Some of the common amenities students prefer are fitness centers, gaming rooms, computer lounges, swimming pools, and many more. Check your terms of the lease to find out the amenities available and the cost you may incur for their use.

Finding the best off-campus apartments for rent does not have to be hectic. The tips above will guide you to choose the right student housing for you. Are you looking for off-campus housing for students in Newark, DE? Lang Development Group can set you up with excellent housing options that fit your budget.

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