How Off Campus Living Can Benefit Over-Stressed College Students

According to a New York Times article, nearly 87% of college students are living off-campus. While we many think of dorm rooms as the traditional place for students to stay, in truth, choosing to live in apartments near schools can have many benefits that can make the college experience a little more enjoyable. If you are going to be attending college and are considering the housing options for students, here is why you should take a look at nearby apartments before signing up for a dorm.

1. Saving Money

Living in a dorm can be expensive, even more so that apartments near schools. Costs can further be saved if you opt to live with a roommate and split the cost of the rent and utilities. However, you can also opt to live alone, which is a luxury that you might not be afforded in a dorm, where multiple students usually share one space. If you’re able to find apartments near school, you should check if any utilities are included with the rent, and calculate your monthly costs versus the cost of a dorm. In many cases, garbage and snow removal will be included.

2. A Quieter Place to Study

Dorms can be loud and when you’re sharing one space with other people it can be difficult to find a quiet place to study. While you could always hole up in the library, having your own living space to retreat to is always better. Even if you are living with roommates, you will still have your own bedroom to study in, and as long as your roommates aren’t party animals, you’ll have a much easier time studying for those tough tests.

3. Cooking Your Own Meals

Another thing many dorms don’t have is access to a private kitchen area. This means that you’ll either be ordering take-out or living off of ramen made in the communal microwave. With your own apartment, you can feel free to cook whatever you like, whenever you like. This can also help make healthier meals more accessible, giving students a better way to eat throughout their college careers.

4. Privacy and Health

Living in apartments near schools can also help give students more privacy, something most young adults moving away from home are eager for. This privacy can help prevent stress and give students more time to relax between classes. Additionally, staying in apartments near the school, as opposed to shared dorms, can also help increase hygiene. Because good hygiene is such a huge concern, especially now, staying away from communal bathrooms and kitchens, and not sharing sleeping spaces, can help keep you healthier throughout the semester.

5. Preparing for the Future

Apartments for students also can help young adults begin to build a rental history that can help make it easier for them to find another apartment after graduation. This ‘real world’ experience can also help teach you budgeting habits that can help make living on your own easier after school.

While dorm rooms have their uses, many students can benefit from living in off-campus apartments near their schools. If you are looking into your housing options as a student, consider the advantages listed above, and reach out to a student housing development group and check out the apartments they have available for rent today.

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