5 Current Trends in Student Housing

Changes in student accommodation needs have led to the growth of the commercial real estate industry. With 33% of renters moving annually, it is important to make your rental housing up to par to attract new tenants. Student housing options take up a huge part of commercial rentals in school districts. Read on to learn more about recent developments in student accommodation.


Sensitization on the importance of environmental conservation has encouraged students to embrace sustainable living. Many student housing options have adopted sustainable sources of energy, eco-friendly lighting, and green roofing. Installation of water recycling systems is one of the considerations when constructing rental units for students. Students are willing to spend more on rentals built with environmental conservation in mind.

Fast Wi-Fi and Multiple Sockets

Electronic gadgets such as mobile phones and laptops have become essential in learning. The ideal student accommodation should offer access to reliable Wi-Fi. With some students attending online classes, fast and reliable Wi-Fi will be a plus for your rentals. Student housing options should have multiple power outlets. Apartments for students that are shared should have enough sockets to accommodate the needs of all occupants.

Innovative and Multipurpose Spaces

When renting an apartment, students are likely to choose a design that appeals to their specific needs. Most students prefer simple and innovative spaces that can easily be transformed to accommodate future changes. The efficient use of space and unique finishes are some of the features that are likely to attract students.

Informal Academic Environment

Have you ever wondered why most students have resulted in living off-campus after their first year in school? Well, when the environment around students is less formal, they are likely to perform better if they are in college or university level.

Student housing options are now located in less academic settings to provide students with a whole new experience. An informal setting also makes transitioning from a student to a graduate much easier.

Variety of Living Units

Schools now offer diverse living units to meet the unique needs of different students. Other than the traditional dormitory setting, there are more options for single or shared three- or four-bedroom apartments.

The recent developments in real estate for students are tailored to provide an optimum environment for learning. Contact us today if you are looking for modern student housing options in Newark, Delaware.

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