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4 Tips to Finding the Perfect Pet-Friendly Rental For You

If you have a pet and are looking for an apartment, you might not be able to find a pet-friendly rental that accepts you and your furry friend. It’s important to do your research and find pet friendly apartments in your area. These apartments can help provide you with the accommodations you and your pet need, preventing you from needing to give up your pet.

Look for ADA Compliant Apartments

It can be tempting to look for apartments rented out from homeowners. For instance, you might find an extra backhouse or find a makeshift apartment with no real regulations. These are not always the best choice if you have a pet. Most apartments must be ADA-compliant by law, meaning they must be accessible to people with disabilities. If you have a pet due to a disability, look for regulated ADA-compliant apartments instead.

Look For Deposit Fee Options

Many apartments might say they don’t accept pets at first. However, talk to the landlord and see if they can agree to allow your pet to stay with you for an increased fee and deposit. This fee will allow you to cover any damages your pet might cause. If no damages occur, you can get your money back once you move out of your apartment.

Research Pet Friendly Apartments Online

When apartment hunting, make it a priority to put this into your search engine. You will be redirected to apartments that accept pets. You might have to give up on certain other luxuries, such as price point and square footage, but at least you’ll know these apartments accept your animal.

Know Your Rights

When hunting for pet friendly apartments, you might be shocked to know that, while half of all apartments consider themselves pet friendly, only 9% of housing options allowed companion animals without any significant limitations on size or type! Know your rights, and understand the difference between an emotional support animal and a service animal to prevent putting down a deposit on an apartment that will later reject your pet.

When looking for a new apartment with your pet, make it a priority to find one that suits your and your pet’s needs by following these tips!

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