3 Benefits Of Living Off Campus as a Student

According to the Rental Protection Agency, those between the ages of 15 and 34 make up about 40.6% of renters in the United States. Many of those who rent at a young age are in college investing in off campus apartments for students, which differ from university-provided dorms in a number of different ways.

While some off campus housing options are fairly similar to dorms on the surface, there are a lot of practical differences. While it may seem simpler to accept student housing outright, there are a lot of long-reaching advantages to looking for student housing off campus. Let’s look into the benefits of finding a rental for yourself as a student.

1. Cost

An obvious advantage of choosing off campus apartments for students over dormitories is cost. Universities make a lot of their money off of student housing, and they often charge more for living space in their general areas than comparable rental options would. Now, student housing does offer units that are cleaned by professionals after you leave. But where a student may pay the equivalent of $1,000 a month for a dorm that they share with another student, they could split a similar unit in the same area with roommates and thus save a significant amount of money.

Although we use the term off campus, a lot of buildings that students can rent within are extremely closer to on-campus housing. In some cases, an off campus building could be across the street from an on-campus building. The cost is definitely a consideration, especially for students, who already have to pay for tuition, books, and other fees associated with a university education.

2. Pets Are Allowed In Off Campus Housing

For many people, a major benefit of off campus apartments for students is that pets are often allowed in off campus apartments. Though every apartment building’s requirements differ, many allow students to keep pets in their apartment for an additional pet rent fee and pet deposit. Pets can be a major emotional aid when a student is going to school. They allow comfort, as well as a purpose and emotional release. Pet-friendly housing is much easier to find off campus.

3. Roommate Options

Very few dorms in major universities allow students to live independently. Off campus apartments for students are available for individuals who want to live without roommates as well as individuals who want to choose their roommates and apply for a lease with them. There are a lot of personal benefits to having this kind of control over your housing options. Many people report being happier in their own apartments, which they can decorate how they wish, without interference from a roommate.

There are so many benefits to choosing your own independent apartment off campus. You can have control over your decor, your own apartment’s rules, and so much more. For many students, this is a part of transitioning into adulthood. Take advantage of this opportunity and try living off campus.

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