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5 Tips for Apartment Hunting Near Your College

Rental properties are still in high demand in the new year. In fact, according to recent surveys of new college students, in the U.S., a new unit gets rented out every 80 seconds and a new renter moves into their new place every 30 seconds. With statistics like these, it is easy to see why apartment rentals are in such high demand today. But what can a new student do to make the search for a nearby apartment easier and less stressful? Read on to find out!

Talk to Your Fellow Classmates

If you are moving out of town or out of state to attend college and have friends who are going to the same college, it might be worth checking in with them. See if they have found any good spots to look into for yourself. You may also have the option to become roommates with some of your friends, at least initially. It can give yourself more time to look for a more convenient college apartment.

Check Online Listings and Websites

Before you make your big move to your new campus you should check out online listings for that area. Also, consider browsing real estate websites and classifieds to see what might be available for a quick and affordable move-in option. If you are not moving into on-campus dorms this might be a way to find the perfect apartment without a lot of hassle and running around ahead of your big move.

Browse Real Estate Magazines

If online searches are not giving you the results you want, it may help to find some real estate pamphlets and magazines to look through. It can be time-consuming and feel a little outdated, but there can be some good listings in those pamphlets at times. Some real estate agents specialize in rental properties and apartments, so that may be another option worth considering.

Drive Around and Check the Area Personally

You can help make the search for the perfect college apartment easier by doing some leg work yourself. When you go to visit the campus take time to drive around the local area. Look for apartments that are listing vacancies and talk to a few places if possible. Some places will offer discounts and specials to new college students moving in the area, so it is worth checking out those options as well.

Get the Apartment That is Right For You

While the debate over the merits of renting vs owning a home continues, for college students the best option almost always is finding a college apartment to rent. With these tips in mind, you will be better prepared to take this task head-on and find the apartment that is right for you!

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