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Best Affordable Off Campus Housing For College Students

For many, adjusting to college life can be a challenge, especially for students who are oftentimes strapped for cash. Therefore, off campus housing is a viable option for many, as it proves more affordable than traditional dorms where a meal plan and other amenities are included in the price. Furthermore, off campus housing allows for a larger space and more luxuries than a standard dorm room or other housing options. It is estimated that as of 2016, 87% of college students are residing in off campus housing, due to the convenience and space it provides.

Advantages Of Off Campus Student Housing

Off campus student housing gives college students all the luxuries of home, including their own bedroom, with many rental companies offering pet friendly housing. Furthermore, much of the housing is residential real estate, meaning that these are fully furnished, single family homes.

A Plentiful Amount Of Space

Perhaps one of the most attractive aspects of living in off campus housing is the additional space as opposed to a dorm. Looking for off campus housing is similar to purchasing a house later in life, you get to choose your preferred amenities, number of bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, and living area.

Another attractive element of off campus housing is having roommates to help cover the cost of the rental, and with the space offered it is sometimes possible for each person to have their own bedroom or bathroom, which is hardly possible in a cramped dorm room.

Home Cooked Meals

It is nearly impossible to cook a decent meal in a standard dorm room, therefore, many college students are subject to an expensive meal plan. However, when living off campus in a house or apartment, it is possible to cook meals similar to those at home. Your off campus kitchen has all the amenities of your kitchen at home, such as your own pots, pans, and utensils. Furthermore, a large fridge will allow you to stock up on food and other supplies needed throughout your jam packed course load.

Complete Freedom

Similar to most students starting college, this is most likely the very first time you have lived on your own without your parents. Off campus housing provides the most freedom, as dorm room facilities have rules and regulations of which to follow. However, with off campus housing, you have the ability to cook, clean, and blast music any time of the day. Along with this additional freedom, comes more responsibility, like teaching students the importance of managing money and other expenses.

Improved Academic Performance

Oftentimes, dorm facilities can be loud and crowded places. You will always hear people talking, yelling, and making noise either in the hallways or in adjacent rooms, therefore, it is oftentimes difficult to concentrate on your studies.

With off campus student housing, you will most likely have your own room far away from your roommates, allowing you to concentrate and be more productive. Furthermore, you can focus on your school work any time of the night without worrying about bothering your roommate with the light on your desk.

Starting college can be a significant adjustment for any student, no matter how excited or anxious they may be, however, off campus housing will allow students to easily adjust to college life by offering all the comforts of home.

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