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3 Transport Essentials You Need For Off Campus Student Housing

When you’re looking for off campus student housing, you have to consider the transport options available in your area. After all, lugging your backpack up and down a hill doesn’t seem realistic for everyday transit and there are likely more affordable options further from campus. Here are the top three transportation essentials you should look for when you’re looking at off campus housing.

1. Parking

If you’re one of the lucky college students who own their own car, you must make sure your off campus student housing has access to parking. Even if parking is an additional fee, it’s way easier than utilizing a parking garage or free parking that’s blocks away from your home.

On top of that, you should consider parking options for guests and family as well. The going rate is usually one guest spot per apartment unit in most off campus housing options, but you can always check to see if you can purchase an additional guest spot. Luckily Lang Development Group offers parking for over ten of their residential buildings.

2. Proximity to local transit

If you don’t have a car, you might want to utilize the bus or another form of transportation. Many campuses offer a bus shuttle service around the area and if you live close to a bus stop, you can likely ride for free as a student. While leaving five minutes early doesn’t sound ideal, proximity to local transportation options is a must if you’re living far away from campus.

3. Proximity to campus

If your college doesn’t offer a bus system and you don’t have a car, you can always find apartments closer to your school. They might be a little more expensive depending on who you rent from, but the location is key if you’re not willing to purchase a car. Just be careful when you’re looking for real estate for students and be sure to take pictures when you move in: too many apartments for students have landlords that try to weasel you out of money. Luckily, the Rental Protection Agency can protect you and your assets; according to them, young people between the ages of 15 and 34 make up over 40% of the renters in the United States.

With Lang Development Group, you’re guaranteed the best student rental units at an affordable price for your budget. Their buildings are student-friendly, offer parking for many units, and are located in excellent areas close to campus. When you need off campus student housing, call them for a tour today.

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